May 20, 2010

Test Review Part 1

HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam 2

After testing the latest special edition by Hewlett-Packard, I want to point out some advantages that accrued while doing the Style-Check.

The first thing you'll notice about this netbook is that it's less than 1" thin and as light as 2.69Ibs. It fits so easily into purses and you start to wonder if this tiny device is really going to work. Well, yes it does. ^^

As soon as you turn on the Netbook you'll become aware of the butterfly theme, which is not only to see on the cover. The desktop includes three butterflies as well. And that's not all, there a two little ones more. The common Windows start button has been replaced by a butterfly. It begins to flutter its wings the moment you put the cursor on the start menu. When you click the menu, another butterfly flies for a few seconds. It leaves the initial position by flying away and repositioning itself in the background. The flush glass display is greatly glossy by the way ^^
The design by Vivienne Tam reflects a Chinese love story called "Butterfly Lovers" - a fairy tale of freedom, romance and inspiration.
The Netbook represents these three key claims in a beautiful way. At first sight the butterfly details seem to be rather an optional accessory than a clear benefit, but the design and the girly elements are something you'd be delighted at in any situation.
The photo above was taken while enjoying coffee and sweets with Nesli. We both brought the Netbook along since it's so uncomplicated to carry it around. We could go online very quickly and it felt really nice to be free. As students you don't have to care about the full computer rooms at the university anymore!
Not only as a student but also as a blogger, there are several helpful set ups. As a blogger you scroll around a page or image a lot, but the scrolling, zooming and rotating can be done by using two fingers. You hardly need to move them since the TouchPad is so sleek and smooth.
Another set up, which I appreciate is the Digital Media Slot (no. 17 in the photo above). You can place your memory card into the slot and you don't need a separate card reader. There were many times when I couldn't find my card reader and it is so annoying especially if you want to transfer and check out the photos you took...
The integrated keyboard is neary a full size keyboard - 92% of the standard size. The typing is comfortable and its backdrop color is the same warm champagne gold like on the cover.
The HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam 2 offers on the one hand beauty on the outside and on the other hand many qualities on the inside. It is possible to work productively and even get creative while you're on the go.
"I wanted to give life and color to a computer. Even if you're in the office, you should feel like you're in a garden," Vivienne Tam said about her first design back in 2008.
It's very nice to see that this philosphy is still valid for her work.
The Netbook embodies for me some kind of a small first aid kit. The mini laptop is something you shouldn't leave at home when you're a busy person. It allows you in any situation to go online very quickly and to get important things done.
The Netbook isn't only about technology, it's also about fashion and lifestyle. HP and Tam created a new genre.
Thanks to Hewlett-Packard and Richterich und Partner, who appointed us to be their "style scouts" for the Tam special edition 2, we were able to get an idea about this new approach.
Therefore we can't thank you enough for this opportunity!
Does anyone of you own this lovely digital clutch as well? It would be nice to hear about your impressions...
(Part 2: Nesli's Review)



Mellon Rhum said...

It's so nice!!
But since I am on MAC! I won't change again!!! I bet it would work even better with MAC OS!

loooking lovely Mi!

Unknown said...

oooo echt schön !! aber nervt das auch nicht, dass man immer überall schmetterlinge sieht, oder gewöhnt man sich daran? =) aber ansonsten schön designt! =)

Anonymous said...

It's lovely! A real girl thing! ^^
Just saw that Nicky Hilton has one of this notebooks.

xoxo Sandra

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

it's so pretty!! I love when companies are smart enough to make products functional and also aesthetically pleasing.
what a cool opportunity xx

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

aww so lucky that you both got one! the netbook seems so handy for bloggers! on a totally seperate note, your skin looks soo flawless!!

Jenny Cindy said...

Those butterflies are so cute! <3

Jessica said...

That is so pretty! It def looks handy for those on the go and do not want to carry a heavy laptop.

Lookilove said...

I envy youuu both...that netbook is great! that makes blogging possible while classes!^^ those butterflies are really cute - so girly but I like!


Unknown said...

Waaantt :))

KRISTY said...

aaahh so jealous of you two to own that piece of beauty :) it really looks like a clutch and goes so so so well with the outfit you're wearing in the photos :D

though i'm not a super busy girl, i'd love to own that netbook :D

Mondaygirl said...

You got beauti look today. I love the way you make up...

May Kasahara said...

it's beautiful. love it

elisabeth said...

Ich fand das Laptop auch sehr schön obwohl ich vom Designer her lieber nur Gold gehabt hätte aber für den Sommer sah das gut aus :)

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