May 11, 2010

Indian spirit

Current craving: dreamcatcher earrings from Topshop

I would wear these beauties with long wavy hair and a loose tank top..too bad the weather's so ugly right now. Freakish hail, rain and wind storms.


the style crusader said...

oh that top photo is insanely gorgeous. xx

Jess ♡ said...

Ahhh these photos are beautiful <3

Jasmin said...

die ohrringe sind toll und sommer kommt bestimmt bald :)

Lookilove said...

wunderschöni Ohrringe!!!
damit werde hoffentli all die böse tröim igfange!

sleep well!:)


Unknown said...

die ohrringe sind wunderschöön !!

Cinja said...

oooh die ohrringe sind echt toll!!
und am WE in Stockholm geht's zu Topshop...oh :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Miji,

love ur blog post.

the weather in Toronto sucks too... it's supposed to be Spring but feels more like winter!! argh! :-/

i'm thinking of getting a new camera. may i know which one u're using right now or which one u wud recommend? Thx.

Have a great week.

p/s: if u don't mind me asking... wud u say u're tall for a korean girl or petite like most asian girls? ;-))

Fräulein F. said...

Oh, wunderschönes Fotot! Spontan fällt mir gerade die neue Chanel Cruise Collection ein- die hat doch auch so einen Blumenkind-Rockn-Roll-touch ;-)

Jenny Cindy said...

Wow die sind würkli wunderschön.
Ach wänn doch nur s'Wetter endlich echli besser werde würd...

Anonymous said...

Lovely first picture!

Liebe Grüsse aus Brasilien! ^^
xoxo Sandra

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