May 7, 2010

HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam 2

HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam 2
This is the latest special edition by Hewlett-Packard. They collaborated with the renowned designer Vivienne Tam for the second time and created this lovely Mini Netbook. The butterfly design is inspired by "Butterfly Lovers" - a classic Chinese love story.

The HP Mini Netbook embodies a digital clutch, which was seen on the runway at NY Fashion Week. It is a part of Tam's spring 2010 collection.

As everyone can see, the Netbook looks beautiful with the champagne gold backdrop -but what about the functions and capacity? What are the key benefits?

To answer these questions, HP sent us a package last week ^^
Our opinions will follow soon!


cinnam0n~ said...

i love this netbook!!!i want it!! :D
awesome post!!

Unknown said...

very cool

the style crusader said...

oh very exciting! it looks pretty tiny. i have a little asus netbook which is great for word documents/internet on the go - but i tired of the little screen and tiny keyboard pretty quickly. i much prefer my apple macbook for blogging, work, and videos now. but little netbooks like that definitely can be very useful! and that one looks super cute. xx

Limitless Fashion said...

Oooh that's so cool!
Have fun!

michelle_ said...

the motif is soooo cute !
cant wait for the review !

hat said...

beautiful computer!!
I love Ur blog ladies!
look my blog please!! thanks xoxo

Secondhand Stella said...

So pretty! It looks like a clutch!

Maren said...

Looks absolutely lovlely, can't wait to hear what you think :)

Betty said...

It's pretty but I would never use anything other than a mac ever again

Lainey said...

If I didn't love my mac so much, I would totally get's so amazing looking.

Tessi said...


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