Apr 2, 2010

We do not remember days, we remember moments.

I haven't posted in a while and as I am about to put this online I noticed that I'm wearing some pieces from my last outfit post, so please excuse the overexposure of the bag.

I like wearing swackets or thick cardigans when it's not too cold outside. My sister has a great eye and spotted this one at the not so stylish C&A. In these older posts I was wearing another swacket from that shop. What I'm trying to say is, sometimes it's worth going to places you sniff at because you actually might find something you like... ^^

I was more or less on a shopping ban the last couple of weeks because I'll soon be going to Stockholm! I'm already doing some research on shops, restaurants and bars to get the most of the little vacation we have. Do you have any suggestions?

Swacket: C&A Dress, Bag & Belt: secondhand
Watch: Casio Boots: Graceland
Sunglasses: H&M Overknee socks: Bershka

Wishing you already a nice weekend! Have fun everyone...


FlashFash said...

I just knew that cardigan called swacket. A great one, btw!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

supper outfit beybi!
gsehsch toll us ;)

Misu said...

@ anonym 5:25: wayne??
sag mal das ist doch sooooo egal... meine herrn ist das immer überflüssig...

so das musste mal gesagt werden! ;)

der cardi ist richtig toll. bin auch ein totaler cardifan evtl sollte ich der deutschen modekette mal einen besuch abstatten ;)) hehe

Mellon Rhum said...

wow!!! looking amazing!
Good blogs also have mean (always) anonymus comments...just delete them.
Kiss from Spain.

Manicure Time said...

Love your outfit!
To "anonymous": Such a pretty, healthy and slim girl, and you ask if she gained weight?

burcu d. said...

oh, ich hoffe, du verkraftest diesen gemeinen kommentar ;)

du siehst toll aus. von der tasche kann ich gar nicht genug kriegen, so schön ist sie. ich bin auch seit längerem auf der suche nach solch einer...warte schon ungeduldig auf die flohmarktzeit!

strickjacken gehören auch zu meinen favorites. meine geheimquelle: daddy's kleiderschrank ;)

take care!

Anonymous said...

Haha, da sind mol wieder diä Lüt, wo extra chli Ufmerksamkeit wennd und chli Unrueh wennd stifte. Hend huere freud, wenns gsehnd, dass dLüt druf igönd und afanged diskutiere. Söt also eigentli gar nüt drüber sege, aber da hani trotzdem wele loswerde. Bim nögste Mol am beste ignoriere, isch immer am beste ;-)!

Es Outfit isch mega, ich frog mich aber, ob nid chalt hesch :-P? Gsesch echt mega us und bisch immer top agleit.


Lookilove said...

super schöni bilder!!! ds outfit gfallt mr sehr - dr cardi isch wunderschön! C&A isch gar nid mal so schlecht, sie hinkt H&M,zara etc. eifach meistens 2 saison hindernah...

mir gseh üs sicher gli wieder ;) freue mi scho mega!

Have a nice weekend!

Unknown said...

o kadar tatli olmussun ki zaten o coraplara her zaman bayilirim. bide cantana hayran kaldim !!!

Baśka said...

i think i should go to C&A and find a similar sweater! looks fantastic :)

Maren said...

My battery is failing right now, but I have tons of tips for Stockholm.! Will post them on Tuesday.

Love the outfit. So wish for warm enough weather so I cam stop wearing so many layers of clothes.

Secondhand Stella said...

Love the bag! Happy Friday!

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur outfit!!! Happy Easter! x

Anonymous said...

wow you look absolutaly great! as always

Mina said...

very nice outfit! have missed your outfit posts.
stockholm is wonderful, you will have such a great time :)

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

structured bag and knee highs, you're already channeling A/W 10, love it!! You have a really great blog, we'll definitely be back, come follow us if you fancy.

Have a lovely Easter weekend xxx

Jamily Passarelli said...

Hi Nesli! Thank you for searching me on my blog.
Everything that happening with me you can read on my new post!
I'm ok, but with a little little time.
But it's lovely of your part. Thanks a lot!


PS: I love your smiling pic! <3

Jenny Cindy said...

Lovely outfit - your bag is beautiful so I don't mind the overexposure at all. I totally understand why you carry it everywhere.

Stockholm shopping tipps
The obvious ones:
Monki (they have stores all over Sthlm, check their website for the exact locations)
Weekday - there's also multiple stores in Stlhm. You can't miss the big one on Drottninggatan.
Beyond Retro on Åsögatan (a side street on Drottninggatan)
There's also a Topshop on Drottninggatan and a Urban Outfitters on Biblioteksgatan.

Just walk down Drottninggatan and have a look at the Scandinavian high street stores. I especially like the shoe stores.

My favorite part of Stockholm is Södermalm. Just have a walk in the area and check out all the cute little shops, the Scandinavian designer stores and the stylish crowd.

Another great thing in Sthlm are all the cozy coffee shops. They have quite reasonably priced meals and delicious cakes and pastries.

For going out I'd recomment
Hell's Kitchen, Sturegatan 4
Spy-Bar, Birger Jarlsgatan 20 (www.thespybar.com)
Ace, Sveavägen 36 (http://klubbace.se/)

I'd also recommend going on a canal cruise so you get to see a bit of Stockholm's surroundings.

Hope you have a fabulous time in Stockholm.

zieluka, said...

beautiful,nice cardigan

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Thanks for your comments!

Not really necessary to react to the comment that caused some stir but yeah, I've gained some weight. Obviously! :)

Thanks for your tips on Stockholm, especially Jenny Cindy for this detailed guide! I just printed it and will take it with me!

<3 Nesli

Anonymous said...

amazing !

Raman said...

I love your outfit, especially the bag and the dress! I def did not know those sweaters were called swackets, thanks:)


Justine (TinyTines.com) said...

You have such a beautiful smile :D

Tessi said...

Sweet nesli:)

kiwaczek2 said...

ah those graceland boots (which i seem to dislike, will prob like them next year) were particulalrly popular in Poland this year. They were everhwere:)

Leila Silva said...

I loved the knitting coat. Beautiful color and model too. Easy to match and great quality. One piece of Style. Alawys modern.

Leila Silva

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