Apr 4, 2010

On paper

Some time ago I had the chance to have a chit-chat with Yvan Rodic at his book signing in Zurich. In other cities people line up to see him but it was not at all surprising that the excitment in Zurich was not so high. Facehunter contains a selection of his streetstyle pictures from all around the world. People with charisma, madness and a unique sense of style. Far from the way I dress but still very inspirational!

Fashionista – Style icons of a century was a birthday gift from my girlfriends last year. From A to Z it features women like Rania Al-Abdullah (Queen of Jordan) to Rachel Zoe, divided in categories such as The ladies (Jacky O, Audrey Hepburn…), The bombshells (Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe...), The minimalists (Sofia Coppola, Jil Sander…) etc.
A great pleasure to read for every fashion lover!

The It-girls:
Edie Sedgwick, Chloe Sevigny, Louise Brooks, Bianca Jagger, Sienna Miller, Marchesa Luisa Casati, Twiggy, Kate Moss, Mary Quant

The bonbons:
Carrie Bradshaw, Kylie Minogue, Rachel Zoe

Closing line of Facehunter


jack bespoke said...

hah what a great way to end the book, and so true, i find the same thing- my posts are totally reflective of how i feel.

(a new blog!)

Maren said...

Yvan is so weird. Nice&sweet, ingenious, but weird. Hah.

Jess said...

Love love love that blog so much. So jealous you got a signed book. Have a lovely weekend Nesli x

Micheal M said...

Very cool last few words from Yvan Rodic
Also really thought that a page dedicated to IT girls was rather interesting to see how each girl really represented a mood, a genre of clothing and a period in time.
I know it isn't intentional at all but the word Die=the was rather amusing to see along it Die it=Diet

Jasmin said...

Genau heute ist mein Facehunter auch per Post gekommen, tolle Fotos en masse!

iliketweet said...

I adore braiding but now I've got really short hair it's pretty much impossible...

tweet tweet tweet


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