Mar 16, 2010

59th Floor

(Photos taken from the 59th floor of the '63 building' in Seoul. If you look out the window, everything's so quiet and peaceful..even if it's an illusion..I love it.)

It's past 1am right now here in Seoul and I got home from work about two hours ago..
The subway was SO crowded. It's crazy...
Good night everyone!


Mellon Rhum said...

Good night Mi!!
Those ohotos are so impressive, you took them?
Kiss from Spain!

zwillingsherz said...

miji du machsch so tolli bilder. i'm impressed.

schlaf schön.

FlashFash said...

Beautiful photos!

lyvine said...

lovely photographs!

Unknown said...

die fotos gefallen mir

THE CAT'S MIU said...

love seoul.

i was wondering.. did you move to seoul permanently or are you just there for a certain amount of time? if i'm not mistaken, i thought you lived in zurich?

in any case, i'm so envious.

Crimsonite said...

Lovely images and I like that quote.

Lulu said...

sounds wonderful to be working in seoul, i heard the shopping is beyond amazing.

Jess ♡ said...

Lovely photos dear :) I definitely want to visit Korea one day... perhaps teach abroad or something <3

Sabrina said...

wow, das bild links unten ist wundervoll :)

MSNF said...

beautiful scenery, warm mood-
i like the atmosphere.

i now miss the city so much where i grown up.

please go ahead with taking beautiful pictures!


paanie said...

what are you up to in seoul?!

Jisu said...


I missed your posts for a while. You must be keeping busy in Seoul. Hope everything is well over there :)


selin araci said...

wow. i had no idea that seoul was so beautiful with buildings everywhere.

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