Feb 15, 2010

When your fingers are tangled with mine

Sienna and Hayden in Factory Girl.
What a beautiful couple.


Unknown said...

sie ist echt hübsch

cinnam0n~ said...

love sienna miller!!
love factory girl!!
love edie!!
love your post girls!! :D

Anonymous said...

Ich liebe diesen Film und dieses Paar und diesen Style!!!

Limitless Fashion said...

Love that movie, and those pictures are really great, especially the last one.
I really think sienna should wear smokey eyes more often, they look wonderful on her!


Mina said...

they look great in those pics!

cleo said...

ohh so lovely:)where have you been girls:)miss your posts:)

Lainey said...

These pics of Hayden and Sienna are just stunning. I love every single shot.

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