Feb 4, 2010

Time travel

Yesterday I stayed most of the day at the National Museum of Korea. I was so eager to capture all the ancient jewelry on camera! It was such a rewarding visit! Here are some impressions:

Outside the museum

Gold earrings, 5th-6th century

Fluttering hairpin

Worn around the neck. A chest ornament covers the entire chest. Strands of sparkling gold beads contrast beautifully with thousands of dark blue glass beads threaded together in 6-7 rows.

Celadon box for cosmetics. 13th century

Hope all have a lovely Thursday!


Anonymous said...


Shini said...

Beautiful, I don't think we fully appreciate Asian fashion history, I really love how they kept the shape of the jewellery even though it was all broken :P

Fruchtzwerg said...

you are now in Seoul? I was there a couple of weeks ago, great city but freezing cold! Enjoy your stay there!

Secondhand Stella said...

Those earrings are gorgeous. It is amazing how something so old can look so modern.

Rafaela said...

Great pictures!
I like your blog :)


FlashFash said...

Great picture! Ah, I wish I could visit Korea. Such a beautiful place. Do you happen to have wide lens?

Lookilove said...

vo irgendwo chöme ja die präferenze! ;)

Jenny Cindy said...

Wow - this is absolutely amazing. I would wear all of these today in an instant!
Thanks for the pictures.

E said...

those are beautiful earrings in the second picture


diamondsinchampagne said...

Ok my heart skipped a beat looking at those earrings... wow

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victoria said...

die ohrringe sind wunderbar.

Limitless Fashion said...

I love posts like these!
Gorgeous jewellery


Jisu said...


This looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)


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