Feb 23, 2010

Dry shampoo

Some feel good products:
1. Laura Mercier, almond and coconut body and bath collection / creme brulee body and bath collection
2. Fresh, citron de vigne candle
The mix of almond and coconut must be heavenly.

T3, refresh volumizing dry shampoo

Does anyone of you have experience with dry shampoo?

I would love to try it out, but I'm quite skeptical about the effect though...



Me said...

wo gits das dry shampoo zchaufe? ha das au scho immer welle usprobiere und scho paar mol hättis nötig kha! ;-)

Crimsonite said...

No experience, sorry. Though I do like feel good products, I'm trying to find light, dreamy scented candles.

Eva said...

I've tried! It saved my life many times (in the airplane for example, when you have 13 hours of flight and your hair gets dirty before landing).
It is quite magic! I higly recommand it.
I use the brand "laboratoires Klorane" so I only speak for this brand product evev if I think every dry shampoo is the same

Unknown said...

Tolle Sachen, bin schon im Himmel wenn ich nur an den Geruch denke (;

Aber hab leider keine erfahrungen mit dry shampoo.. nimmt mich aber wunder!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know if dry shampoo works! would be great for emergencies. :)

KRISTY said...

Hi Miji, I've tried dry shampoo before (and still have a bottle at home). It really helps getting rid of the excess oil on your scalp. I hate greasy limp hair. It's not a shampoo substitute but it works fine between hair washes. The effect lasts for about 8-10 hours on my hair :) hope this helps!


cleo said...

one of my friends used it and i saw the difference with my eyes:))really working but i have no idea how long it can last:(
hope you are fine my dear:)

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

I tried one a long time ago, and loved what it did to my hair, but it was a bit tricky to apply, because I have A LOT of hair. For people with thin hair it would probably be ok though.

Mina said...

Dry shampoo is great in emergencies! Use it a lot!

nicky hearts said...

I love dry shampoo. My roots get greasy pretty often, but the rest of my hair is dry, so I try not to wash my hair everyday. I've also got wavy hair and it's tiring to blowdry and straighten my hair all the time. So I use dry shampoo instead. As you can see I'm lazy. I spray some of the shampoo on my roots, leave it for a couple of minutes and then comb my hair. I mostly use it on citytrips when I'm busy with everything else but myself.

Go for it. This is the one I use from rausch.



Meg said...

KMS California used to make an excellent dry shampoo, I have not checked in a while myself but am sure you could locate online, great product line altogether to try out if you have not done so already.

lilly said...

i've also tried it. i think it's just good if you really need it and there is no option to take a shower.. for the moment your hair looks a bit better, but it doesn't get shiny or anything.. and if you put on too much, you're hair gets kind of grey and hard.. so be careful..

Mellon Rhum said...

Dry shampoo?? I have never tried it.. sounds like dry wash from the cleaners... let us know about it!!
Mmmm nice products, now I want to The body shop :(
Kiss from Spain adorable Mi!

fashion-odyssey said...

Ich habe mit BATISTE sehr gute Erfahrungen gemacht.
Das gibt es in phantastischen Duftnoten, die Haare sind danach sehr locker und luftig, das Produkt wird grosszügig aufgesprüht, einmassiert und danach ausgebürstet (am Besten mit einer Naturhaarbürste). Dauert kaum 2 Minuten.
Das ist oft meine Rettung wenn ich sehr früh aufstehen muss und die Zeit nicht mehr zum Haarewaschen reicht ;-)
Und die Haare lassen sich danach super stylen!

Da du sehr dunkle Haare hast denke ich, du müsstest beim Ausbürsten sehr gewissenhaft sein, damit Rückstände nicht zu sehen sind. Ich hatte da aber noch nie Probleme, das aufgesprühte "Puder" wird eigentlich sehr gut vom Haar aufgenommen.

Ich habe "Batiste" in England gekauft (gleich nen Jahres-Vorrat).


ich habe gesehen dass es auch bei ASOS erhältlich ist, es gibt sogar spezielle Sorten für dunkles Haar.

Und ich mag am liebsten die Duftnote "Tropical"

Jen Hsieh said...

dry shampoo really is a lifesaver. i'm cheap and i use PSSSSSST dry shampoo (not sure how many S's there are haha). another option is just baby powder. it isn't as good as regular shampoo, obviously, but it works well to soak up excess oil and refresh your hair :)

Mary said...

i use the "Lee Stanford Dry Shampoo for Oily roots-Poker straight" and is super awesome. I recommend it to you:P

Elle said...

Yes! discovered it while at a festival a couple of years ago, it came in very handy! Have been using it occasionally since, it tends to create a kind of Ashley Olsen wave to my hair and who wouldn't love that! :)

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