Dec 17, 2009

Thank you

Mellon Rhum for the lovely blog feature! Click here!
You definitely made my day!

oh and look at these bags..

Chanel! Nuff said.

Source: sosupersam


Laura Gerencser said...

Awesome bags!:)

katyyya said...

ooh, bags <3

zwillingsherz said...

oh lovely bags.

s'feature esch jo so härzig. ond sehr verdient. du hesch e wonderbare style.<3

rosa rouge said...

hallo liebe nesli und mi!
hättet ihr lust, an einem schweizer bloggertreffen teilzunehmen?

aldonza zúñiga said...

i loved the chanel handbags my firts dream

one kiss

Mellon Rhum said...

You are very welcome Mi-ji!
When I opned blogger's dashbroad an read Mellon Rhum near Style seeking it was kinda strange!
Where are you?

Kristen Leo said...

ahhh channel bags... cant get any better than that.

Breathe Hijab said...

Ahh, Chanel! J'adore!

Love your blog.. great style :)

Jen Hsieh said...

love classic chanel bags! :) you guys have such an inspiring blog, definitely following.

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