Dec 1, 2009

Sonia Rykiel for H&M show in Paris

On Thursday I'm going to preview the collection at the showroom in Zurich but the main event will be held at the Grand Palais in Paris tonight.From what I've heard and read, it's going to be a cheerful show full of surprises that shouldn't be missed!

The event will be streamed online live at on Tuesday December 1, 23:00 CET (GMT/UMT = 22:00, EST = 17:00, AEST = Dec 2 9:00)

And for those who want to get in the mood while waiting:



Stephanie said...

Have so much fun! I'll be watching online!

Stephanie said...

Have so much fun! I'll be watching online!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@ Le Sigh of a Fashionista: I think you got me wrong... Unfortunately I'm not there in Paris but I'll watch it online, too! :)


betsi said...

Wie großartig es doch sein muss, auch in Paris sich diese Kollektion anschauen zu können. Aber zum Glück gibt es dieses tolle Video und das Live-Video. Die hängen sich mächtig ins Zeug.

Jenny Cindy said...

I'm lookig forward to the show and also to seeing the collection in person on Saturday. I love what I've seen so far.

Lexi Colby said...

have a great time! love the blog btw

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

I'm so so so looking forward to this collection, even more so than most of the collabs. this video has be so excited! xo

Mina said...

You're so lucky. Have a great time :)))

Anonymous said...

gorgeous as always darling
totally love it
thanks for sharing
awesome blog, keep it up!
and thanks for the sweet comments

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