Nov 16, 2009

Art on Monday

There are a couple of art, music and fashion events this week I'm attending and I'd like to share my impressions of the first one today: the International Contemporary Art Fair in Zurich. A friend from university, who is an art historian, was working as a guide there and kindly invited me and tought the art neophyte I am some interesting things.

The fair had to offer a selection of high quality art from top Swiss galleries alongside exhibits from international galleries reflecting the global world of contemporary visual arts. As well as cutting edge art it also focused on contemporary classics and modern art.

Below are some pictures I took at the ZKB Art Award Hall, which showcased the most important representatives of today's young Swiss Gallery scene.

Com & Com Skulls of the artists

Com & Com was founded in 1997 by Johannes M. Hedinger and Marcus Gossolt. They produce among other things films, paintings and sculptures that thematize the boundaries between high art and low culture. These chrome-plated skulls, which are their own, might remind you of the diamond-adorned skull by Damien Hirst, who created his extravagant work 6 years later than Com & Com.

Athene Galiciadis, whose paintings and sculptures were showcased at the fair, is definitely drawn to the (female) backside. This form also repeats itself in her oil paintings, albeit less explicity.

This photograph is from Patrick Hari, who gathered lots of attention with his installation at the fair. He is also the winner of the ZKB Art Award of this year and was constantly working on his installation throughout the fair.

Above and below are the works of Tanja Roscic, in which she transformed Vogue and other magazines by painting and cutting them.

Overall I really enjoyed the fair and it made me naively want to be more creative in my free time. ^^ If it wasn't the last day of the fair, I'd surely recommend it to those living in the area!


Unlikely You said...

Why don't we have any of these inspiring artwork in Singapore? There are so many hapless (helpless) museums here.

Penny said...

yes yes!please keep us informed of interesting things in the always looking forward for a nice reason to make a trip :)

elisabeth said...

Oh so cool!!

your guide said...

sounds like a interesting tour with a competent guide! ;)
nice selection of pictures...
i like tanja roscic - art and fashion combined in a creative way!

Jenny Cindy said...

Bin letscht Friitig ade Kunst 09 gsi - hät es paar würklich ganz tolli Bilder und Skulpture gha.

betsi said...

Das hört sich interessant an. Hatte im Vorfeld schon Einiges über die Art Fairs in London und Paris gesehen. Immer wieder spannend.

Tessi said...

I love the pink saying on the wall<3

<3 Tessi

May Kasahara said...

I love those installations.
what a great event - I am totally jealous * * *

Veronica said...

thanks for this art post.

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