Oct 21, 2009


Jacket - h&m, scarf and bag - vintage, white silk shirt - zara
Sorry for being tight-lipped right now, but I feel so droopy... I just wanted to take a quick moment to make an outfit post ; )
Hope everyone's having a great week!



zwillingsherz said...

danke för diin liebi kommentar.
superschöns outfit.


aldonza zúñiga said...

Mi-ji i love the outfit is so easy and fashion the scarf is great¡¡¡
one kiss

Faridah said...

I hope you feel less droopy soon. Thanks for sharing your lovely outfit! It makes me want to dig out the khaki jacket my flatmate gave me.

Natalie said...


I love your jacket and scarf. Been trying to find a jacket like that but in black.

x Natalie

我想我是一個質數 said...

leopard scraf, yay. i love your hair so much :)
oh hope you feel better soon.

Jess said...

You still look gorgeous, even being droopy. :) Love that jacket, I have a bomber that's similar , prefer it too be long like this though.

Tessi said...

Sweet Miji! Don't feel droopy:) I love your scarf! Have to see if I can find me one:) And you always look pretty!!

Smiles from Tessi:)

Maren said...

Hope you'll fresh and superb very soon, you certainly look so in the picture. :) Drink some soda and eat some sugar and it will all be fine;)

Mimi said...

sieht toll aus!

Unknown said...

hope you're feeling not so droopy already. love the colours of this outfit. both of you still looked very good :)

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

i looooove this outfit! so casual but chic at the same time. your outfits are always sooo effortless and great!

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