Oct 10, 2009

Nothing really ends

The plan it wasn't much of a plan
I just started walking
I had enough of this old town
had nothing else to do

And touch we touched the soul
the very soul, the soul of what we were then
With the old schemes of shattered dreams
lying on the floor

I once told a friend
that nothing really ends
no one can prove it
So I'm asking you now
could it possibly be..?

Blazer & chained top: Zara
Skirt & bag: H&M
Scarf: from a market in Istanbul
Boots: Friis & Company


Jenny Cindy said...

Wonderful outfit - so simple and chic. And I love your braid, it really suits you!

Lookilove said...

I agree with Jenny Cindy, you look so lovely with braided hair! The red nails are really an eyecatcher in that outfit! and of course I like your scarf...much better than that one you can recently buy at H&M!

I wish you a nice saturday night!


Faridah said...

Gorgeous! The detailing in the body chains, and the red nails teamed with animal print - so perfect! x

Lainey said...

Gorgeous! I need to find myself a white blazer.

KultiKulti said...

great outfit love it :)

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Maren said...

PRETTY! both the song(?) and the pictures. Loving the scarf.

Mairyliscious said...

you think that everything lasts forever then ??
i love the scarf !!!

evi said...

i love deus! this happens to be a favourite! the new hairdo is amazing both the colour and the braid!have a nice sunday in beautiful zurich!

sexyinthecity said...

Lovely outfit!
Specially the chained top, is amazing!

Olivia said...

gorgeous as always!

tuguna said...

Aa sacini degistirmissin, yeni fark ettim:( Cok yakismis, ayrica yandan orgunu cok kiskandim, keske sacim uzun olsaydi.

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Thanks for your lovely feedback!!

@ Mairyliscious:
Those are the lyrics of a song I like a lot and has a special meaning to me. I don't believe that everything lasts forever but it would be nice if some things would.. :)

@ Evi & Maren: I love this song as well, it's very soothing... About my hair: I used a hair lightener (spray) a month ago but the change of colour was not very visible. It always depends on the light..

@ tuguna: Tesekkür ederim canim, aslinda saclarim bir aydir böyle ama genelde kimse farketmiyor. Türkiyedeyken renk acici sprey kullanmistim, istedigim gibi olmadi ama en azindan biraz rengini acti. Sanirim bi süreligine böyle birakicam sonra yine kendi sac rengime boyarim. :) Ayrica benim saclarim da cok uzun sayilmaz, sende bir dene istersen örmeyi..


Christiana said...

I love the 1st photo where you smile and the last one with the flowing scarf... the most "natural" photos, are your best ones!!


Kenza * said...

I do love your outfit! The scarf and the blazer are very nice! This outfit really fits you!

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

love the scarf so much, and such a gorgeous setting! xo

Jess said...

Wow... I've been away for a month, your posts are blowing me away. Love this look. You haIr looks fantastic...and the scarf... Love!!

Jess :)

yasemin said...

daha önce söylemiştim sanırım ama bu saç renginin sana daha çok yakıştıgını söylemek istiyorum. Kıyafetin de çok hoş.

http://www.denizbaran.com/ said...

adorable ;)

Tessi said...

Love yourbraid, your nails and scarf:)


May Kasahara said...

so simple and perfect + the added luscious flash of red polish ♥

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