Oct 26, 2009

I'm going to spend the next weekend in Milan and wanted to ask you guys if you have recommendations beyond the obvious touristic hot spots? Cosy hidden cafés, nice restaurants, insider shops and bars/clubs..? I'd love to hear your experiences if you've been there and what you liked the most!


betsi said...

sorry, leider habe ich keine Tips. Wir wollten dieses Jahr für eine Nacht hin, waren dann aber auf Sightseeing in Pisa etc. Ich wünsche dir aber eine tolle Zeit und bin gespannt, was du berichtest.

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

i have never been but i'm oh so jealous that you're going! please take lots of pictures!
as for liptint, i generally just wear a lipbalm if i'm not wearing crazy bright lipsticks because my lips are naturally pretty red. sometimes i use the covergirl outlast lipstain in "flirty nude" or "everbloom kiss". hope that helps :) xxo

Penny said...

hey!i think you ll have loads of fun in milan!It s a city with lots of things to do!I live close by and I always try to go for some aperitivo or breakfast in Brera (huuuge buffet!!), for a beer out in Porta Ticinese or Navigli (well,it was nice in the summer with all the people out in the street).Try a pizzeria called Premiata or sth similar!i hope we hear your impressions!

Andrea said...

Have the BEST time in your trip! I was there January this year. Hmm Milan, waffles and nutella from a little stall on its own just to the left/front of the Duomo. Maaaad shit.
Sorry that's all I have!! i was only there for two days so no time to explore the hidden treasures :(

Tessi said...

I love Milano! unfortuanetely I didnt spend enough time there to find the hidden treasures.. But the Duomo is amazing!!

I have a friend who lives there though.. Her name is Mari and her blog is on the right side in my blog. Maybe you could ask her:)
Have a great trip!

<3 Tessi!

Mina said...

I love Milan. It's so nice. You have to go to Cafe L'Atlantique. The chandelier will catch your eyes first. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

All I could think of is Montenapoleone :D Have fun in Milan!

cleo said...

neslii...naber canım???
milanoda ıyı eglenceler sana:))
su sıralar delı gıbı okulla ugrasıorum o yuzden yokum ortalıklarda:((
optum senı ve miji yi:))

Joana said...

hey I am leaving in Milano now;))) unfortunately next weekend I am not in town;(
anyway if it comes to club DO NOT GO to Old Fashion, I think most of the people go to La Banque (i havent been there so I cannot really recommend me) I checked out Shocking and for 10euro (one drink included) i found it OK. ;-) I dunno what's more you should see... i <3 Milano! have fun! www.balbinaikofeina.blogspot.com sorry I am too lazy to log out

Anonymous said...

Milan is great! I really loved the zara store which is located in a really nice house=)
Have fun!

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