Oct 29, 2009

Preview: Jimmy Choo for H&M

Get ready for a picture explosion

First: The shoes

Months ago when we saw the press picture announcing the collaboration of Jimmy Choo and H&M, there were these black shoes. I hoped all of the shoes were as great but unfortunately I think they gave the best up front, so those still remain my favourite.

I was also very curious to see the thigh high boots below. Oh my, those were really high! I mean considering my legs are not short, I felt like they designed them for model legs exclusively. ^^ But the leather is quite good, in case you were wondering!

The red wedges below are not a part of the Jimmy Choo collection, they're from the upcoming H&M collection.

The jewelry

I liked the necklace and bracelet below very much.

Upcoming items from the H&M collection

A very delicate sequined vest

The bags

This one is actually very small, you can probably only fit in your cell phone and cigarettes.

My favourite bag is the one below. No fancy-schmancy studs above animal print but simple and understated.

The clothes

The sequined sweater with a zipper is pretty unique and the one shoulder black leather and grey suede dresses are also beautiful.

Anna from Look I Love and Pascal from Fashion Bits and Bobs

Are you counting the days till Novemer 14th to hit the stores? I'm not so sure yet if I'm going to buy anything from the collection, but seeing the items in real life made me like some of them even more, like the black shoes in the first picture. They're subtly sexy yet elegant and also timeless I think.

Business before pleasure

Today I'm meeting up with my blogger friends from Look I love and Fashion Bits and Bobs at the H&M Showroom to preview the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection. I'm curious to see how the pieces look up close and will of course post the pictures later on the blog. But first I have to focus on the presentation I'm going to do in a couple of hours at the university. I have to admit I'm less excited about that than checking out new shoes and bags...


Oct 27, 2009

The 2 min. photo shoot

My sister had about two minutes spare time to take these pictures before she buzzed off to work and I to school. Thought I couldn't use them but here they are nonetheless because outfit postings might be rarer in the future... The beige vest I'm wearing is unfortunately wrinkeld-up but I really like how the fabric falls slimly.

Blazer: vintage Emporio Armani
Vest: Zara
Bag: Maison Mollerus
Shorts, white sweater & boots:H&M
Leather gloves & scarf: from different street markets

Yesterday we craved something sweet after dinner so we made those chocolate chip cookies on a whim. That was also what I had for breakfast today with a cup of milk. ^^


Oct 26, 2009

Tailored to perfection

A fantastic skirt designed by Jen Gilpin and Kyle Callanan.


I'm going to spend the next weekend in Milan and wanted to ask you guys if you have recommendations beyond the obvious touristic hot spots? Cosy hidden cafés, nice restaurants, insider shops and bars/clubs..? I'd love to hear your experiences if you've been there and what you liked the most!

Oct 25, 2009

I could tell you so much more


Oct 24, 2009

Easy there, waterworks!

Just recently I read a post about us on an other blog (can't remember the link, sorry!) and the writer said that we were seriously addicted to blazers. I guess we really are, aren't we? ^^ As long as the weather allows, that is.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Blazer: Joseph Alain Scherrer Creationen
Bag: Maison Mollerus
Rings: from markets in Istanbul
Striped sweater, Skirt, Boots, Necklace: H&M


Oct 23, 2009

There are no goodbyes for us

Ugh. It rained all day. Although I like rainy days it's so annoying if you want to take proper outfit pictures. They are kinda fuzzy... However, I had a lovely afternoon with my girls!

Outfit details: blazer - clockhouse, silk shirt - zara, bag - from a road market in korea, scarf - h&m

This pretty apple pendant was a gift from my dear friend from Look I love. I will wear it every single day, I promise ; )

Oct 22, 2009

Woulda coulda shoulda

I should have bought this sequined leggings from H&M when I saw them months ago in Turkey (for a lot less than here). My friend told me I should get them but I thought the vest was already fancy enough. I think worn with basic pieces this could look great, though. Oh well, maybe I can still find it, I haven't seen anyone wearing them around here... ^^

Wish you all a lovely Friday! I'm going to meet friends after work and the thought of them makes the hours in the office pass much more quicker!

French twist

Dotted tights
Voluminous hair
Endless legs

Lily, oh Lily...

"French Twist" in Vogue China November 2009
photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
styling: Kate Phelan
Model: Lily Donaldson

Source: Ru_glamour

Oct 21, 2009

I could brave the elements with these in my possession

Calvin Klein
Tanya oversized felt coat

I love the asymmetric cut of this coat and I can only imagine how divine this cashmere & wool-blend feels.

Chanel 505 Particulière

Just when I thought Chanel couldn't get better than this mint green nail polish, the make up director over at Chanel, Peter Philips, came up with this love-at-first-sight nail polish in this mauve color for the Spring/Summer 2010 fashion show. You know how impatient I am so obviously I'm not going to wait until January and will mix this myself.

Burberry Prorsum
Leather ankle boots

Oh I'm sure many people "in the real world" (you know what I mean) wouldn't approve of these but I think they're perfect for winter. Ankle support? Check! Robust profile sole? Check! Plus I'd be taller than 6ft. which is also kind of cool. ^^

Source: 1. & 3.: Net a porter
2.: Vogue.de



Jacket - h&m, scarf and bag - vintage, white silk shirt - zara
Sorry for being tight-lipped right now, but I feel so droopy... I just wanted to take a quick moment to make an outfit post ; )
Hope everyone's having a great week!


Oct 20, 2009

The only thing I can hide these days is my bed head

Jacket: Clockhouse
Glittery vest: H&M
Wrap cardigan with hoodie: Ann Christine
Bag: Avant Première


Oct 18, 2009

Café tour

Once again spending our time with Pascal at a wonderful café called Schober.

Second stop: Ladurée. We bought some delicious macarons.

Flavour from left to right: vanilla, red fruits, praline, cassis, pistache, chocolate

Afterwards we went over to Henrici to have another cup of coffe and to taste the divine macarons.

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