Sep 2, 2009

Quick post

Mom's old silver necklace used as a headband.

Nude lipstick by Manhattan no. 53G, striped shirt by H&M.

Pretty ceiling lamp at Restaurant/Bar Hiltl.

I have a weakness for lamps.

and I couldn't sleep last night.

Hope everyone's having an awesome wednesday : )



Fashion Cappuccino said...

You have such a pretty hair Mi-ji!! I love the picture! Hope you sleep well tonight :-) xxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

that last picture (blahblahblah) is gon' be my background picture on my celly! thanks :D

Baśka said...

i wish i had your hair! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!Love the headband.
Ist das Shirt aktuell??

Starr Crow said...

pretty, pretty hair. love the necklace as a headband!

Jenny Cindy said...

Ich chan i letschter Ziit au ganz schlecht schlafe - kei Ahnig wiso >.<
S'erschte Bild isch toll, de lippestift staht dir mega guet!

Penny said...

I love your hair!This picture is so romantic!

Bluukbob said...

i know what you mean about weaknesses for lamps..
i have the same obsession!

lovely blog, dear

Hey, want to exchange links?

Take care, xoxox

zwillingsherz said...


s'erschte bild esch eifach wonderschön. ond s'headband gseht bi der so schön us.


Styleseeking Zurich said...

ah endlich haesch der de lippy kauft! und du sötsch das haarband öfters traege! :) bis bald mini liebi, i'm counting the days...


The Sydney Girl said...

beautiful in that head band! x

J'adore Vogue said...


Leslee said...

Great photos and use of the necklace as a headband.x)

Jessica said...

You look absolutely lovely in that photo Mi-Ji!! <3

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

pretty as always!! ohh lamps i loooove lamps too but they can be sooooooooo expensive ): you should see these lamps i posted about on my other blog:
they seriously make the most amazing di-cut lamps!!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@anonym: danke : ) das shirt sollte noch in den laeden sein...zumindest hier in zuerich!



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