Sep 14, 2009

NY Fashion Week tendencies: Spring 2010

NY fashion week is not over yet but while looking through the pictures of the collections already shown, I decided to assemble some tedencies that caught my attention.


The slouchy boyish trousers are here to stay and I am personally very pleased about that. They're just so comfortable and look very sophisticated with high heels but I also like to wear them with flats. The looks from Richard Chai and ADAM are my favourites.


Sheer fabrics are often used in the spring/summer collections since they evoke an airy and ultra feminine feeling. Not being a fan of the Wang Spring 2010 collection I need to find other inspirations on how to wear sheer blouses and dresses. I think nobody should wear sheer bottoms in real life, it just looks absurd.

Knee-length skirts and dresses

It seemed like hemline of skirts and dresses got shorter and shorter the past seasons. Although I'm totally into short things, it's also refreshing to see longer skirts and dresses on the runway for a change. I don't know if this style is "too grown-up" or ladylike for me but for some reason I could see Sarah Jessica Parker wearing that Chado Ralph Rucci number to an event or something.

Hot Pink

There was also a burst of bright colours in the collections! Personally I don't dress very colourful, not even in summer. Having said that, I do think they look great on other people. Be it a whole pink look as seen at DKNY or just a pop of colour at Lela Rose or Tuleh, next spring it's definitely time for me to wear something pink!


My fondness for anything nude coloured hasn't stopped yet and I'm glad to see that some designers felt the same way.


Looking through the collections, not only floral but also graphic dresses caught my attention.


I was surprised to see orange in so many collections besides the ones shown above! This brought back memories when I was 13 and desperately looking for an orange tshirt to go with the orange shorts my sister sew for me! ^^ I recall having orange accessories here and here but I have yet to wear a clothing item in that colour. But it sure does look very fresh and summery!

Electric Blue

Big fan of the vibrant Derek Lam shorts! The only thing I own in this amazing colour is my scarf,
but my quest for electric blue tights that started last fall is still continuing!

Hervé Léger by Max Azria

Hervé Léger dresses are an all time favourite of mine and I couldn't help but post these four dresses. Especially the long sleeved one looks very intriguing to me!


Jenny Cindy said...

I'm so behind on NYFW >.< I haven't had time to look at any of the collections so I'm so happy that you did this little overview here. I'm loving all the nude and sheer pieces and also definitely don't mind the pink - that color is great for adding a splash of color to an outfit.

The Leger dresses look so sexy!

Laryssa said...

woooow nesli! einfach euren Blog lesen und man muss gar nicht mehr auf nachschauen gehen! Hihi! Danke für die tolle und übersichtliche Zusammenfassung... Darf ich deinen Eintrag verlinken?

Renée Gabriela said...

Talking about sheer you should check (if you haven't yet) the Charlotte Ronson's collection! She used sheer in a more practical way i think ..
I love it and i think you're gonna like it too.
You can check it out at my blog

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@ Laryssa: Danke, hab mir Mühe gegeben. :) Klar kannst du das verlinken! Mir ist eingefallen dass das Kurz-Interview für sasani völlig untergegangen ist (oops). Ist das noch aktuell?

<3 Nesli

Christina said...

omg your good. you made all this? i'm impressed

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@ Christina: Yes I assembled the pics myself that were taken from I'm glad you like it! :)

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