Sep 16, 2009

But it could be all yours

I'm back home from my quick trip to Frankfurt!
By the way.. Nesli, Pascal and I had yummy Latte Macchiato and iced Cappuccino over at Henrici the other day. They don't only look good, they taste good as well!


WOX said...

woah du warst in ffm und hast nicht bescheid gesagt? :(
das nächste mal unbesingt ;)

Baśka said...

i am always very surprised when seeing such beautiful patterns made on coffees :)

natasha's view said...

ohhh I could use one of that just about right now!!

Thank you for your sweet comments :-)


Jenny Cindy said...

Mhh de Kafi dete isch super!
Jetzt hani au grad Lust uf eine...muess mich aber wohl oder über mit minere alte Kafimachine da dihei abfinde. Janu =P.

Willkomme zurück!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Mmm...they look super delicious! So glad you're back Nesli!! xoxxoxo

yasemin said...

It's nice that you're together again:)

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