Aug 1, 2009

Young at Art

Yesterday Anna, Pascal and I attended the Blogger-Night which was organised by Young at Art. It was held at their gallery. A few Swiss Bloggers came together to discuss the phenomenon of fashion blogs since blogging isn't a common activity here in Switzerland. It was interesting to get to know other bloggers and to hear about their motivation and experiences.
The gallery had transformed into a showroom, where young artists and designers had the chance to exhibit their work. Young at Art arranged a fashion show as well and I especially liked Almut and the menswear collection of Johanna Heimlicher. I was so pleased to see their collection again in the gallery:
Johanna Heimlicher


August 1th. Switzerland is celebrating its National Day. All I can hear right now are fireworks roaring into the sky~


I V Y said...

cool as!

Secondhand Stella said...

I like those last 2 drawings!

El blog de Renée said...

Los dibujos son preciosos!!


zwillingsherz said...

miji danke vell mol förs happy birthday.

aaw finde d'tops uf de erschte zwoi bilder so so schön.


The Sydney Girl said...

that would have been awesome to attend! loving the illustrations!


Styleseeking Zurich said...

Oh how I wish I was there... :(


Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

the drawings are gorgeous, and it sounds like such a lovely time! i'm envious miji :) xx

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