Aug 24, 2009

Off guard

Source: le Fashion

"I wanna be the girl he gives his hoodie to wear and cuddles up next to when it's cold. He'll be the one who comes up behind me, wraps his arms around my waist, catches me off guard and whispers, you look beautiful."


L to the Aura said...

i also adore the make-up!

Jenny Cindy said...

That's so cute <3 Aww.

Zornitsa said...

the styling is amazing. I love those eyes

Natalie said...

What a gorgeous photo. The quote you picked out for it is perfect.

Hope you girls are having a great summer :)

x Natalie

Penny said...

The quote is the cutest I ve ever read!I put it in my messenger signature!It's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Gahh! You just melted my heart with that quote! <3

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