Aug 29, 2009

Istanbul Fashion Days: Day 3

Before attending the last show tonight I wanted to share with you the one from yesterday evening: Bahar Korçan's Kabullen veya değistir, which can be translated as Accept it or change it. True to the catchphrase the show started with other-worldly designs.

The models, who were barefoot on the runway, also showed the new jewelry collection. With the white dresses, wing accessories and the delicate walk they looked like angels.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Front row crowd: The sir with the glasses had a very lovely Chanel necklace I wouldn't mind calling my own. ^^

But at least I was backstage...

I will attend the finale show tonight, which will be a bittersweet ending. Bitter because I could get used to this, sweet because I'm running out of outfits to wear. ^^



Mai said...

First two dresses are really amazing!

street angel said...

Wow..great photos.

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