Jun 24, 2009

Wednesday's Inspiration: Slacks

I saved these pictures as inspirations on how to wear slacks for myself but I thought I'd also share them with you. I really like the slouchy feel and let's be honest, they're way more comfortable than skinnies. But also a bit trickier to wear in my opinion. What do you think?



Baśka said...

i totally agree with you, Nesli. such pants are more comfortable than jeans. i really love wearing them myself but think the only "fault" is that they make hips looking wider (of course, if someone has too wide hips, like me ;)).

aldonza zúñiga said...

i think this pants are fun and diferent and very chic not complicacion and cool for summer¡¡¡

aldonza zúñiga said...

i think this pants are fun and diferent and very chic not complicacion and cool for summer¡¡¡

Jamily Passarelli said...

Hey Nesli, how are you?

Hm I have seen many blogs on trends and images on this pair with the small volume.. And I like the shoes! Mainly in the gray! Both style!
But a question arose, tell me, does this kind of shoes look good on girls low? Hm.. just curious lol

Kisses baby.
Much love,

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@ Cup of Coffee: Hi Jamily, I'm fine thanks! How are you doing?

Are you referring to the shoes from the Moschino and Tory Burch collections? I really like those as well! I can't give you a proper advice on what would look better on shorter girls but my instinct says that the pair from the Moschino collection would be better for short girls because the shape would probably elongate your foot/legs, whereas the strappy ones from Tory Burch could "crop" your ankles... If that makes any sense.. :)

<3 Nesli

Jenny Cindy said...

I love this trend and I agree that such pants are much more comfortable than jeans. The only downside in my opinion is that they look best with heels. I really love the look with a heeled sandal but with flats it really depends.

anna said...

I looove cropped pants! as you can see on my blog as well! :)
love those outfits...thanks for posting these inspirations!

Yes I am finally back...so glad being back in life! the glasses are from fizzen...I think they still should have them! by chance go have a look! ;)

have a nice week!!



Damsels said...

very tricky

especially for someone under 5'5 such as myself :(

Unknown said...

nudes and greys - my most fave combo! the moschino shoes are lovely. thanks for posting!

paanie said...

those phillip lim pants are soooo drool worthy!

Emily said...

Wow, the Philip Lim looks are amazing! BTW I nominated you two for a blog award so come check out my new post =)

Unknown said...

It ir too useful for me to see the way we can wear it!!! I love slacks, are to confortable! kiss

Unknown said...

I like them but I had only two. I think high heels is a must with this style.

Laura Gerencser said...

Very sophisticated!!

sexyinthecity said...

love this trend!!
You have a great style and a lovely blog! Beautiful.


Jamily Passarelli said...

Oh Nesli I understand what you mean! Really think you can ''count'' my ankle height by half bad I'm already very low! I forgot to take a few centimeters to more! lol
What about this pair? With this small volume and too short at the time cinnamon, don't shorten my legs too?
Oh jesus I'm so frustrated with it! lol Sorry for that!

Much love,

Jamily Passarelli said...

When I say I mean ''pair'' trousers, legs, you know? confuse the words again.. shit! sorry for that!

Maria said...

Agree! I'm still searching for the perfect ones.

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