Jun 6, 2009

Do extraordinary stuff

Sorry for the lack of posts on my behalf but I've been very busy these days. The fact that my camera is currently taking pictures of London while I'm stuck in Zurich studying for my last final doesn't make it easier.

To my sister: Come home, I don't have the time to do laundry. And I miss you.

To all of you: Enjoy your weekend! Do extraordinary stuff!

Source: We heart it


Hülya said...

oohhhh! two more weeks! i miss you too!

cleo said...

i miss your posts too:)keske sende gidebılseymıssın canım:)

Mai said...

love the quote :) hope you'll be back to the blogsphere soon.

Elisabeth said...

Andy Warhol is great!

yasemin said...

good luck with your last final!

elisabeth said...

Toller Spruch!

Micheal M said...

I love these quote posts please keep doing them,

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