May 3, 2009

This is the story of a girl

Jacket: Yves Saint Laurent Dress: All Saints Bag: La Garconne
Bra: La Perla Mary-Jane platforms: Christian Louboutin Ring: Kenneth Jay Lane

If those items were mine, I would have worn them yesterday to a Greek party I attended, which was so much FUN. We danced all night long to Greek music that sounds so much like Turkish music, so I was totally in my element...

There's a short interview I did on Weardrobe, if you're interested you can read it here. (Thanks Suzanne!)


anna said...

this outfit is awesome, but the dress is really stunning!
One fine day Christian Louboutin belongs to my feets :)

zwillingsherz said...

ooh ech liebe jedes einzelne stück i diim bild <3

wish it was all mine

täsche hani uf nem flohmärt in lozärn gfonde ond ech lieb sie soo sehr


Mai said...

Love that little black dress and awwww those awesome mary jane platforms!

Mai said...

Love that little black dress and awwww those awesome mary jane platforms!

Mai said...

love that little black dress and those awesome mary jane platforms!

Maren said...

I would've given a lot to have those things as well. Lovely! Espesially the dress..

yasemin said...

burda seçtiğin her parça gerçekten çok güzel,bayıldım..
bu arada röportaj da çok güzel, yarışmayı da sen kazanmışsın sanırım yanlış anlamadıysam!
Katıldığını bilseydim oy verirdim:(
ama bi bakıma blogundan oy dilenmemen de çok hoşuma gitti!
Tebrikler, adaylara bakınca sonuna kadar haketmişsin!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@ Yasemin: tesekür ederim canim, evet yarismayi kazanmisim bende cok sasirdim, en son ne zaman birsey kazandigimi hatirlayamiyorum bile. :) oy verilmiyor orda anladigim kadariyla (yeni üye oldum tam olarak anlayamadim bende), sanirim sitenin sorumlulari seciyor birinciyi.

X said...

Hello! Just found your blog. You seem like lovely girls! So lucky you're living in Zurich, I spent a bit of last summer in Switzerland and it's very pretty. Plus so many sights to see if you just travel a bit!


Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

Love these picks, esp the nail varnish and the blazer. And those shoes are incredibleee, though I imagine they would be quite uncomfortable for dancing in real life. Sounds like a really fun party lady. xx

Maren said...

Well, I bought it for 250 kr, which is aprox. 42 swiss franc. But it's probably cheaper, because everything costs a fortune in Norway.

If your shoes have a little sign on it that says nike+ then they're compatible, if not I know a couple of people who've taped the chip (that is supposed to fit into a pocket in the shoe) under the shoelaces. The important thing is that the chip registers every step you take. :)

You can find more info here:

good luck;)

andara violette said...

Superbes ! J'aime tout ce qui est proposé dans cette sélection !

Lainey said...

I love this entire thing! Gorgeous.

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