May 11, 2009

Light summer breeze

May 7th we attended a fashion apéro of the designer Tran Hin Phu (on the right). The apéro was held in his brothers (one the left) hairdresser's shop in the district 4/ Zurich.

The highlight of the evening was the fact that the clothes were displayed on living mannequins.

While Pascal was taking photographs, we enjoyed ourselves with drinks and delicious finger food. Can you spot us in the picture? :)

All in all it was a lovely evening. We really liked the clothes in the designer's shop, which were mostly very feminine. There are also two street style pictures from that evening, which we will post soon.

Photos: Pascal Grob


zwillingsherz said...

hihi, i can see you in one picture.

gseht so super us.

yummi food.


Céline. said...

Les photos sont magnifiques! Bravo à Pascal ;)

May Kasahara said...

love the outdoor couches + the snack look yummy * * *

Anonymous said...

amazing photos! and you know speak a little bit spanish!:D i don't know speak german, i only can say ich liebe dich! LOL
kisses dear!:)

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I can see Miji's hair and your eyes! :-) I love that the party was on a sidewalk! The coolest thing I've seen! xxoxo

Maren said...

Wow, that looked absolutely amazing. Love the sofa and rugs on the street, very boheme-ish in a way.. :D But Nesli dear, are you smoking? :O .. :P haha.

Lesley said...

Lucky! Great looks!

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

This looks like so much fun! Pascal really has an incredible eye for photography as well. xx

Unknown said...

Yes I did spotted you, event looks nice but I can't say the same for clothes :(

anna said...

Next time I am going to join you guys!just let me know!^^



we could grow up 2gether said...

i would love to be there

Gianna said...

Ich liebe die Designs von Tran Hin Phu. Seine Kollektionen sind immer sehr weiblich. Hier gefällt mir besonders das peach Kleid. Mit den roten Haaren sieht das Model fast aus wie die Venus von Boticceli.

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