May 14, 2009

Late Night Thoughts



Jamily Passarelli said...

Nesli, that is Mischa Barton? Very similar :O

Much love,

Micheal M said...

Hillariously true
I know the blazer with the white shirt has been done but i have to say this one is different in a good way

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@ Jamily: I have no idea who that woman is but I think the photographer is Patric(k) Shaw?

@ Kale: I really like the mood of this photo and that (unknown) quote: well, exactly my thoughts... :)

<3 Nesli

Mai said...

lovely quote

plastiqgurl said...

i like that she's flat chested ;p
androgynous but beautiful at the same time

Unknown said...

i just came across this blog and love it : D

Jess said...


zwillingsherz said...

oh wie wahr der text doch ist.


Rosa said...

oh i love this so much.
Wie heißt die schriftart?
its amazing...
Und welches programm benutzt du zur bildbearbeitung...?

wonderful blog...
exchange links?

love lara

Arantxa Lara Ramirez said...

i love your blog
i have recently open my own blog but i hope it turns as nice as yours

Natalie J Monty said...

Wise words...<3

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