May 30, 2009

Streetstyle: Nadia

Nadia (17), Student & Model

Blouse by Zara
Tights by H&M
Blazer by Zara
Vintage Levi's Shorts
Shoes borrowed from her mother by Unisa

Photos by Pascal Grob

We'd like to thank Pascal once again for showing us the most stylish side of Zurich by taking these amazing photographs. Since many of you loved the H&M Fall/Winter 09 collection, you might want to see his favourite pieces photographed by him.


May 29, 2009

This and that

Finfina charms

essie nailpolish

YSL ring
source : dancingtothebeatofrain

Big feather hoops by Alex Monroe

May 27, 2009

Words on friendship


May 26, 2009

Together we can weather any storm

This picture makes me crack up everytime I look at it! ^^
Mi-Ji took this right before our last class together at Uni. During class the weather got really worse and by the time we got out, it was raining cats and dogs. We were lucky it stopped hailing and that we had at least one umbrella...

I've got this blazer some weeks ago and I'm wearing it a lot these days. Actually I wanted a cream-coloured one but eventually I got tired from looking for the right one and just bought this.

Blazer: Zara
everything else:



Isabeli Fontana

Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Vogue Paris June/July 2009

Source: ru_glamour

May 25, 2009

My never-ending struggle of trying to find a way for my student self and social self to coexist

Last Saturday I discovered my inner groupie, since I noticed that I was actually enjoying talking to these Parisian boys after their gig! I should have worn a bold necklace with my simple outfit, as they had clearly the nicer accessories than me... ^^ Anyways, it was a fun weekend. Exactly what I needed a couple of days before the finals start. And now I'm drowning in self-pity because I have to spend this wonderful sunny day in the library...

May 23, 2009

Streetstyle: Lily

Lily (16), Student
T-Shirt borrowed from her father
Legging by H&M
Vintage Shirt
Skirt by American Apparel
Shoes by Doc Martens

Photos by Pascal Grob

May 20, 2009

Showroom H&M Autumn / Winter 2009

Last Tuesday we had the privilege to take a look at the new autum/winter 2009 collection from H&M. We could step into the showroom thanks to Pascal who put us on the guest list! Thank you so much : ) We were so excited about the event and it didn't disappoint us at all.

The new collection is very multifaceted. There are lots of very soft and feminine items as well as tough, edgy and fancy clothes. The menswear includes checked patterns, many elegant pieces and colorful shades.

So here are some photos of the showroom and the collection:

Oh and this is Verena Cottier from the marketing team in Geneva. She's wearing a beautiful ruffled dress and killer high heels - all from the upcoming H&M collection of course.

At the end of the event we got real huge goodie bags! Our biggest goodie bag so far and it will be hard to top it ^^ They gave us the H&M lookbook, a diary and from the new H&M Trends collection we received a black top and a white shirt dress which was all packed up in carton pipes! <3

Last but not least we want to thank René for giving us the opportunity!


May 18, 2009

The best way to get even is to forget

I wore this to the shop opening:
Blazer - Zara, Shirt - H&M Menswear, Vintage Bag, Jeans - Tally Weijl, Mom's flats, Vintage Necklaces,
These days we're really busy doing uni work. Let's hope today will be a productive day.

Have a nice day dear readers~


May 17, 2009

I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it.

This is what I wore to the shop opening yesterday. That slouchy grey top I'm wearing is really old, I've been wearing it at home/ in bed for as long as I can remember and this was the first time I wore it to go out. I only noticed outside that it's a bit see-through and that there was a tiny hole in it...

As I thought there won't be lots of walking I wore the heels I don't get to wear much. But later we decided to walk around in the city (we'd do anything to not think about the papers & finals approaching). Let me just say, cobblestones are high heel's enemy...

They pinch my feet, but I still love them. ♥

Blazer: vintage Top: no label
Jeans: Bershka Shoes: Zara

Enjoy your Sunday lovelies!

Shop opening TOWNHOUSE

Mia Zeltner & Sebastiaan Vadasz invited us to their shop opening yesterday and we were eager to have a look at their diversified and exclusive products in the areas of art, fashion and home. Below are some impressions...

1. Leaving a note in the guestbook

4. Wish bracelets (when the bracelet wears off, your wish should come true. How sweet..)

6. Cashmere/ Alpaca brooches

7. Cotton bracelets
8. Canvas purses

They have very unique things in their shop from all over the world but are also developing their own private label collection.

You can visit their homepage: I Love Townhouse
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