Apr 4, 2009

Streetstyle: Kevin

Kevin (31), Designer (Website)
Jacket by You Must Create
Scarf by Un Ju
T-Shirt and Trousers by H&M
Shirt by En Soie
Shoes by Max Shoes

Photo by Pascal Grob


Lesley said...

I love seeing a well dressed man! Makes my heart go pitter patter! :-)

Anonymous said...

i love that almost every photo on your blog has a scarf :)

Mette said...

Casual and easy. I like it!

elsa said...

Great style! I like the pants.. and well, the rest too..! xx

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Kevin is HOTTT! He has such a clean and classic style and yet so masculine!

Anonymous said...

Ö his style is amazingg!

zwillingsherz said...

yeah super style

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

wow what a gorgeous man with incredible style! love it

Fashioncholic Girl said...

"I love seeing a well dressed man " like lesley

se is charismatic :p

Mai said...

i love his style! it's amazing!

Anonymous said...

wow, he look great!!
xoxo L.

Ayana Campbell said...

lovin' the new streetstyle pics :]


May Kasahara said...

very chic.

Maren said...

wow, hello you. let's see more men dressed like this please..!

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