Apr 29, 2009


Here are the answers to your questions with lots of impressions from our trip to Istanbul. Hope you like it!

(Old Houses along the Bosphorus)

Mi Ji & Neslihan

1. Maybe another person have asked you but.. Are you models, designers or something in the fashion world? I think you are or if not, you will be anything you want in it. (Kathy)

Neslihan: No, we don't do anything fashion-related apart from this blog. But I'd like to work for a magazine someday. Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. :)

2. What kind of music do you three like? (Anonymous)

Mi Ji: Genres I like are: soul, rnb, hiphop, jazz, k-pop, classic.

Neslihan: Indie (Brit) Rock, Dance, French Rock/Pop, Turkish music, Trip Hop,... It's really not easy to define. The third person you asked about is probably Pascal and you better ask him via his blog. :)

3. How do you guys take your coffee? (Emily)

Mi-Ji: With lots of milk :D but without sugar.

Neslihan: Mostly just black, which comes handy because Mi-Ji takes my milk as well. Every now and then I like to have just a little bit of milk in it, but always without sugar.

(When bloggers meet in Istanbul: adorable Cilen from the blog Cleo)

4. Would you want your boyfriends to be as interested in fashion as you are? (Yasemin)

Mi Ji: Hm maybe not as much as I am.. he should be able to understand my interest in fashion.

Neslihan: No, he doesn't have to be. He should just happen to dress nicely. Joking aside, looks are important but I wouldn't want to talk about fashion that much with my boyfriend. So far I couldn't complain...

5. Who is your celebrity male crush? :) (Jenny)

MiJi: There is actually no specific person..but I do like the korean actor So Ji Sub.

Neslihan: With shame I admit it's Chuck Bass (not Ed Westwick, because aside from the show I know nothing about him). Man what can I say, it's his voice that makes me weak in the knees.

6. What is your favourite piece of clothing? (Maren)

Mi Ji: Blazers, what else?! ^^

Neslihan: Skinny jeans, blazers and leather jackets. A little boring I know but it's just what I wear the most.

(Maiden's Tower)

7. Have you ever been in love? (Maren)

Mi Ji: Yes.

Neslihan: Yes I have. Sorry for being so reclusive about this.

8. Tea or coffee? (Maren)

Mi Ji: Coffee.

Neslihan: Definitely coffee.

9. What is your absolute favourite artist/ band? (Maren)

Mi Ji: Another difficult question : ) An artist I really admire is the composer Joe Hisaishi!!!

Neslihan: I really suck at "What's your favourite.."-questions because I can't chose one. Bloc Party, The Kooks and The Fray are bands I never tire of listening to.

(Maiden's Tower)

10. What made you start blogging? (Maren)

Neslihan: I was reading blogs for a very long time and Mi-Ji and I talked a lot about what we saw and read on other blogs. We liked this rather new approach to fashion and style in general with daily updates and much more personal take on fashion than what magazines give us. Also we noticed that there were not many style blogs from Switzerland around but I always had a feeling that it was only a matter of time till Swiss people would get involved, too. Besides it was a way for sharing our interest with people all around the world so in fall last year we finally decided to start our own blog.

11. How did you end up meeting each other? (Sarah)

Neslihan: We were introduced to each other through a mutual friend almost three years ago. I was really eager to get to know her ever since I spotted her on the campus. :)

12. What is the one thing you have to wear everyday? (Sarah)

Mi Ji: My ring and something slouchy such as a loose tee or cardigan.

Neslihan: Make up and my watch. I feel naked without both.

(Shopping at the Mango outlet on Istiklal Street)

13. What are you doing in Zurich? (Studying? If so, what?). If you are there temporarily, what city will be your next destination? (Alis)

Mi Ji: I was born in Switzerland, Zurich..So I'm Swiss?!?! : )

Neslihan: I was born and raised in Switzerland so my stay is not temporarily. I plan to live and study in Zurich for the next two years. After that, I'm open for anything.

(Gold jewelry at the Grand Bazaar)

14. Are you guys both from Zurich? (Melissa)

Yes we are.

(View from the Galata Tower)

15. Mi-Ji, are you Korean? (Melissa)

Yes~ I'm glad you guessed it right ^^y

(Somewhere between Bebek and Ortaköy)

16. How old are you guys? (Melissa)

We're both 22.

(Outside Sultanahmet)

17. Neslihan, where in Turkey are you? (Dilek Isabelle)

Neslihan: I only go to Turkey for vacation and it's mostly Istanbul and Altinoluk/ Balikesir.

(a kiosk called Neslihan Büfe)

18. What is your favorite movie/ cartoon/ anime? (ZuKi)

Mi Ji: Hana-bi, My Girl, Bin Jip... Anime: Sailormoon haha

Neslihan: Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, The Holiday, Blood Diamond, My Blueberry Nights...

(Galata Tower)

19. Do you buy all the clothes you wear? (Alexandre)

Mi Ji: Yessss :D

Neslihan: Haha that's a weird question. Generally, yes I do. Some of the things I wear are bought by my sister though, but since we share our closet it's no big deal.

(outisde the Eyüp Mosque)

20. What languages do you speak? (Alexandre)

Mi Ji: German is my first language. I also speak Korean, English and French. I actually do poorly in French but my pronunciation is quite good ^^;;

Neslihan: German and Turkish are my mother tongues and I also speak English (obviously), Spanish and French. Actually I was very shy about speaking French but I'm currently in an oral expression class to overcome that uncomfortable feeling.

(at the Bakirköy bazaar)

21. What are your ethnic backgrounds? (Elizabeth Victoria C)

Mi Ji: My Parents are from Southkorea (Taegu to be more precise).

Neslihan: My parents are both from Turkey.

(Sultanahmet Mosque/ Blue Mosque)

22. What are you majoring in? (Elizabeth Victoria C)

We're both majoring in communication and mass media and also have the same minors: political science and German literature.


24. What are your favourite online stores? (Elizabeth Victoria C)

Mi Ji: I don't have any experience with online shopping. But I use lots of korean shopping sites to get inspired.

Neslihan: I don't shop online because the shipping costs to Switzerland are generally very high.

(Gloria Jeans coffee shop in Bebek)

25. Favourite cities you've travelled to? (Elizabeth Victoria C)

Mi Ji: Oh I loved the current stay in Istanbul. All the crowds, the sea, the bazar..I have a weakness for dynamic cities!

Furthermore Seoul and Frankfurt are also one of my favourite destinations.

Neslihan: Mostly I travelled in Europe but would love to travel to further places in the future. One of my favourite cities so far is London and I'm certain I'll go there many more times.

(The Bosphorus bridge, connecting Europe and Asia)

26. What are your favourite pieces in your closets? (Elizabeth Victoria C)

Mi Ji: I love and need every piece equally!~

Neslihan: See question 6. Other than clothes, my favourite shoes are my gladiator high heels from Zara and my favourite jewelry right now are the rings and necklaces I bought in Istanbul.

(Galata Tower)

27. How tall are you guys? (Anonymous)

Mi Ji: I'm 1.68 m~

Neslihan: I'm 1.75 m (I think that's about 5.8).

28. How did you all meet? (xs)

The two of us met in university and Pascal contacted us through our blog. Since we study at the same university it was only a matter of time until we had coffee with him and ever since we meet up regularly.

(café in Bebek/ Istanbul)

29. Where do you buy your clothes? (Alice)

Mi Ji: I shop in various places.. I'm a fan of Zara, no doubt. But I also love secondhand shops.

I think I buy quite a lot when I'm in Korea or Germany. And thank god, I found beautiful pieces of jewellery in Istanbul <3

Neslihan: I mostly buy my clothes around the area I live but also from abroad when travelling. In the outfit posts I write where I bought a certain item and I think it becomes very clear that I mostly shop in budget-friendly shops which are not exactly known for their amazing clothes. :)


Mai said...

Wow! I really thought you were models!
lovely post girls, now your readers like me know more about you

Baśka said...

you're both such a nice girls :) it's so great to find out more about you! and the pictures from your trip - i envy you so much... greetings!

ZET Fashion said...

Resimler harika, İstanbulu tanıtman çok güzel Nesli çok gurur duydum, resimler gerçekten süper çıkmış. Bu arada sende çok güzelsin saçlarını çok beğendim böyle :)

yasemin said...

this is a great post with İstanbul pictures!thanks for answering mine too.

**bu arada sprey saçımı kazık gibi yaptı o yüzden pek hoşlaşamadım kendisiyle,ama bi deneme daha yaparım, o kadar para verdim, bu sefer başarılı olur belki.^^

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@ Z Fashion: Cok tesekkür ederim canim, arkadaslarim daha önce hic Türkiye ye gitmemislerdi ve 4 günde gösterebilecegim her yere götürdüm diyebilirim. :) Evet genelde saclarim cok özensiz duruyor dimi, hic ugrasmasini sevmiyorum ama fön cektirince böyle bi görüntü de ortaya cikabiliyor! :)

AliceSeagull said...

wow, thank you for answers on my question :)))

Alexandre said...

hehe thanks for answers ^^ omg this was long to read, but interesting.

Houses on the first picture are superb, but why people spoil everything with an ugly receiver dish ?? lol

It looks like you had a great time in Turke ! Do you have already another journey in mind ?

Jessica said...

ooh i absolutely love you two!! it's great to know more about you fabulous girls and love the photos from your trip!! =)

cleo said...

heyy here we are...im really really happy to meet you both...come again soon:)

Kathrynsky said...

ui, ich glaub ich muß ganz ganz dringend mal wieder nach good old istanbul!!!

alis said...

Amazing pictures! They made me want to go out and have a vacation in my own city :) Thanks for answering my question. Mi-ji, I love your movie choices, Hana-bi is one of my favorites too, I should really look into Bin-jip sometime!
Also you guys should plan a trip to S.Korea and share it with us asap :))

Mina said...

Great post. Lovely pictures..

zwillingsherz said...

oh so en super post.
so schöni bilder.

ond au super loschtig. miji haha sailormoon. <3
ond nesli chuck bass. hihi.

wönsch eu es super wucheänd.


elisabeth said...

Tolle Fotos! Vorallem das erste mit den schönen Häusern!

FashionsLaboratory said...

Really interesting, always nice to get a bit more insight!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Great answers, I really enjoy getting to know both of you a little better! The pictures from Istanbul are so breathtakingly beautiful! xxoxoxo

Jenny Cindy said...

Wow, the pictures are amazing! Istanbul looks so beautiful, really makes me want to travel there one day!

Lesley said...

Love the pictures and Q&A!!! I can't believe you speak so many languages! :-)

zuki said...

This post is so great! Photos are just wonderful!You guys are fabulous,so interesting!:)) And thank you for paying attention at my question too:))

Kisses to you!

Jenny said...

the photos are gorgeous! thanks for answering my question. haha. so ji sub is so hot! i love him in I'm Sorry I Love You. haha. Chuck Bass has a sexy voice and is so hot! love the answers. you guys are awesome. :)

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

I absolutely love all your answers. You girls are the coolest - I'm so impressed with all the languages you both know! Your pictures are totally gorgeous too, the markets in Turkey sound like such an experience. xx

Olivia said...

that's beautiful!
I allways wanted to go to istanbal!

The Sydney Girl said...

what brilliant photos!!! ♥


h said...

yaa çok kıskandım!!istanbul fotoğrafları süper ayrıca ssizde süpersiniz :)keşke gelebilseydim o tarihlerde :(

Fashioncholic Girl said...

istanbul.u özledim

cidden süper bi post olmuş // hem de sizi daha yakından tanımak da güzel:)

May Kasahara said...

I am just completely in love with you ladies.

Nil said...

Ne zaman geldiniz İstanbul'a :)) çok güzel bir post olmuş cidden fotoğraflar harika okuması da zevkliydi. Saçlarını ben de çok beğendim böyle Neslicim

Mikel -- new york said...

Great blog, I was actually surfing through the internet for pictures of Bebek (Istanbul) because I was feeling a bit nostalgic and I came across your blog site. I lived near Bebek for couple of months during my studying abroad there in Bogazici university couple of years ago, and I enjoyed Istanbul so much and fell in love with the city and here I came across your site accidentally and I must say that its wonderful, I really enjoyed the pictures :), I would like to learn more about swiss culture and what young generation there like to do

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