Apr 15, 2009

2 Things

Since we don’t talk a lot about our private lives, we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know us a little bit better. Therefore, ASK US what you want! Just leave your questions in the comments and we'll answer them in a couple of days.

The second news is: we’re heading to Istanbul!!!
All you Turkish readers, if you see us strolling around don’t hesitate to address us. Oh we're soo excited!!!


caki said...

Bekleriz :) Gezilecek yerler için tavsiye lazım mı yoksa zaten biliyor musunuz?

Jenny Cindy said...

Oh, Istanbul sounds exciting! I'd love to visit one day. But first I'm headed to Kopenhagen ^o^ Hope you guys enjoy your trip and take lots of pretty pictures!

I can't think of a question right now but I might come back later with one ;)

Have a lovely Wednesday you two!

zwillingsherz said...

wönsch euch zwei herzlis vell spass in istanbul

Mai said...

Maybe another person have asked you but.. are you models, designers or somethin in the fashion world? I think you are or if not, you will be anything you want in it.
Spend great days in Istanbul!

Anonymous said...

What kind of music do you three like?

Unknown said...

Oh, maybe we'll bump each other in somewhere :)

Pascal Grob said...

come back home safe :)

Emily said...

Have fun!!

My question is... how do you guys take your coffee?

Vertiginoso said...

This Istanbul's picture is truly Stunning, with all the misty/crepuscular evocation's Power of this Bewitching City . . .
ps: I wish you a good trip Here !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

yasemin said...

Sizi kendi evinizde basıcam!!:))
iyi yolculuklar, bu arada yeni banner süper olmuş, rssle okudugum için daha yeni gördüm.
peki size soru:)
erkek arkadaşınız olarak seçeceğiniz ya da seçtiğiniz insanın da modayla sizin kadar ilgili olmasını istermiydiniz?

Jenny said...

Istanbul sounds exciting! I'm excited for you guys.

My question for you guys is:

Who is your celebrity male crush? :D

Maren said...

What is your favourite piece of clothing?
Have you ever been in love?
Tea or coffee?
What is your absolute favourite artist/band?
What made you start blogging?


sarah said...

Well, i don't understand the language in some of the text but the pictures speak louder than words! very lovely bits of inspiration, the U.S. is in lack of an H&M but I will live!

Lets see: how did you end up meeting each other and what is one thing you have to wear everyday?


Rand said...

ooooh have fun in turkey!!
lovley pic too x

alis said...

What are you doing in Zurich (studying? if so, what?), and if you are there temporarily, what city will be your next destination? Have a great trip, wise decision to come here during tulip bloom season!

Melissa said...

Are you guys both from Zurich?

Mi-Ji, are you Korean?

How old are you guys?

Anonymous said...

Neslihan - Where in Turkey are you? :) Änd what are u guys working/study wuth? ;)

Bende istanbula gittcem :D yeeei! maybe see u girls there ;)

Jenni Ukkonen said...

I'be been wondering what do you two study, is it related to fashion / design? How long have you known each other?

Greetings from Finland, I love your blog and your styles :)

ZuKi said...

I wanted to ask where did you meet each other, but I can see, this question is already here:)
so...my Q: what is your favorite movie/cartoon/anime?

Alexandre said...

Hi there, here are my questions:
Do you buy all the clothes you wear?
What languages do you talk?

Anonymous said...

have a great trip! i´m weeling to go to turkey soon

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

I need to think of some questions hrm..
What are your ethnic backgrounds?
What are you majoring in?
What are your favourite online stores?
Favourite cities you've travelled to?
What are your favourite pieces in your closets?
I could keep going :) Have fun in Istanbul xo

Anonymous said...

My ultimate question will be...
how tall are you guys?

Behind The Seams said...

you're like me.. i don't talk much about my private life either! haha looking forward to your answers ;)

paanie said...

how exciting! i wish i could travel to faraway lands like Turkey. my question is, how did y'all meet?

winifred said...

my question is how do you two meet each other?'coz it seems you two belongs to two different countries (miji is asian and nesli is european? i'm not so sure)
btw, i like this blog and i like the sytle of both of you!
have fun in turkey!


Oh my gosh you are so lucky; Istanbul is one of the places I would love to go to one day - have a safe & fun trip, darling! =]

La C.

T.A.E said...

Have fun in Istanbul!

AliceSeagull said...

We expect a lot of photos! :)

I have more two question :D
1. How old are you?
2. Where do you buy your clothes?

olga d said...

yay i love Q&A!

how long have you guys known each other and been friends? how did you meet?

you must be really close friends to be able to have a joint blog.

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