Mar 31, 2009

Tuesday's Thought

Source: I can read


Anonymous said...

lovely thought, so optimist! i will visit the web:)

Jamily Passarelli said...

Actually there is nothing wrong with wanting something more, to dream more, to want more ..

We, people who dream by making part of this privileged world where anything can, where everything that we can plan to achieve our dreams and enjoy our life as deserve!
And our destination is to be Happy!

Good luck with your dreams and hope the place! All of them!

Anonymous said...

love this

Mette said...

Beautiful words - had to make that picture the background on my computer... Just to remind myself :D

Lesley said...

Amen! Great way to stay positive!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I love that quote! Thank you for sharing it! xxoxoxoxoxo

Unknown said...

Hi there. i'm a regular lurker of your blog and this is the first time i'm commenting and i have to say i love your blog!
I totally agree with the quote and please, keep on posting them. your outfit posts are amazing too!

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