Mar 16, 2009


Source: We heart it


May Kasahara said...

oh god.
i love this so much. so so so so much
especially right now it rings so true. . .

Natalie said...

Wow I really like that quote.

x Natalie :)

Shini said...

wow never thought of it that way. great quote, I love sleep toooooooooz.

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

i love ernest, he really was brilliant.
on that note, i'm following his advice and getting some sleep too. xxo

Anonymous said...

i really ♥ sleep!
it's my fav hobbie!:)
kisses dear

Jérôme said...

Wonderful quite. And there's something very delicate about that picture!

Fashion Cappuccino said...'s making me sleepy and I'm at the office..Not good. xxoxoxoxoxo

Rebecca said...

such a good picturexx

Anonymous said...

amazing quote!

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