Feb 26, 2009

Things to do at boring lectures

#1: Simply slip out.

#2: "Study" flyers for start of term parties.

#3: Take a picture of sneakers that can't hide their love for each other.

#4: Paint your nails Tallulah style. :)

Nail polishes: Jeans collection, Mavala (a gift from our friend Vanessa)


Anonymous said...

qe have the same converseeeeeee!!!:D i really love it! and the trousers.. i've got the same, today i wear the same trousers and convers as you! (this evening cause this morning i've wear heels)
i've got a malvala's nail polishes in red:) we have lot of things in common, and it makes me happy:)
kisses girls:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

yasemin said...

It's so nice to see some daily scenes from your life, make more posts like this:)

I've sent a mail to you.

Mariona said...

eiiiiiiiiii nelsi I'm sure you can of course, thanks for your comments and good look, I love the shirt and the white converse, kisses from BCN

Annie said...

Love those nail polishes!And your clothes!!!!

"Brown Eyed girl" is a great song! No doubt about it¡


Emily said...

I believe this is my life every day haha. I have at least 1 boring lecture each day! I love the sneakers-in-love photo =)

Lesley said...

#5: Pass out during lecture!

Great outfit!

Anonymous said...

I vote yay! for nail polish and converse (we have the same pair, not that they're really unique but..).

You look adorably casual:)

E said...

love the white chucks! I need to get a new pair; mine are so beat up!

Anonymous said...

Really like the blazer :)

Marysenjo said...

haha, the "shoes that can't hide their love for each other" one is epic :D

Natalie said...

You girls both have awesome nail polish colours and nicely manicured nails ALL THE TIME. :)

Love the outfit Nesli. So cute and comfy looking. Oh and the white chucks are so awesome (L)

x Natalie

Mette said...

Ahh.. Spring! Can't wait untill I can wear my sneakers and just a blazer outside... About 1,5 meter snow here atm... :/ Looking good!

May Kasahara said...

I am in love with the "shoe love" photo.
I need to find some BFs for my new sneakers LOL.

shoe cuddle.

The Frocker said...

Tsk tsk! Go back to class! :P

Anonymous said...

Really nice blazer! What camera do you use? The picture quality is really good.

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