Feb 15, 2009

Tagged plus Blog Award

We feel flattered to do this post..
We received the so-called I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD from these lovely ladies:

Thank you so much for this honor!

Personally we want to give the awards to those seven bloggers who went along with us for a longer time (and left many sweet comments).

So.. the awards go to:

We got tagged by the stylish Extra Skinny to list 10 facts about us. We thought we'd split it in half.

5 facts about Mi-Ji:

  • I'm rather quite than talkative. Some people interpret this attribute as shyness, but that's not correct. I'm just a good listener and an acute observer.
  • Although I'm pretty reserved I love to sing. It's actually an old passion of mine. Unfortunately there aren't lots of occasions to sing in front of others. Oh but every sunday I sing in our church choir. I know.. It's not rnb ^^
  • You have no idea how much I disrelish snails. When I see one then I need a few minutes to recover. I can't face it.
  • Hey but I eat at a snail's pace ^^ I'm slow even at McDonald's.
  • Everybody thinks I'm balanced. I might appear like that, but I'm not.

5 facts about Nesli:

  • I used to play soccer for three years and was a midfielder, to be exact. I loved walking to the field with my soccer shoes. Obviously that was long before I discovered high heels.
  • I hate stuffed animals. Never ever give me a stuffed animal as a gift.
  • I can't stick with a perfume for a long time and like to wear a different one every day. But I prefer it when people I love have the same smell forever. I'm very contradictory, I know...
  • Unlike Mi-Ji I can't sing, but I can rap in Turkish! Not many people got the privilege to hear me, though. :)
  • "I think I'm single because I sleep diagonally. Ain't nobody gonna put up with that shit." Bad Idea Jeans
It's part of the game to tag 10 other bloggers to list 10 things about themselves. We'd like to know more about...:



Fruchtzwerg said...

Congrats to your award! You both truly deserve it :)

Thanks a lot for mentioning me and giving it to me, I'm flattered.

h said...

thank u so much girls i love u miji and nesli:))congrads for the award!!

Shini said...

Owwh Miji I did imagine you to be a good singer ;) what language church do you go to? (Do you know, you remind me of Yu-na from Girls Generation group :P it's a compliment!) Nesli, you're too demure looking to have played football ;)!!

Lesley said...

Aww thanks for tagging me!!! I love your 10 facts! :-)

Jordan said...

congrats ladies! well deserved.

i dare you to post a video of you rapping turkish styles!
i swear we will love you forever!

cleo said...

thank you so much for the award girls:)it means alot to get it from you....such an honor:)
i made my post already:)

Nemerae said...

I'll post it on my blog in the next post :)
Nesli, you know what?? I thought the same about perfumes!
Have a nice weekend!

cleo said...

:)yes we should work...i heard some thing like ece sukan was on that way to bring vogue in turkey....waiting in wonder:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and thank you so much<3 you two are so sweet:)

Jenny Cindy said...

Aw, thank you girls for the award!

Ayana Campbell said...

haha cool, I've never been tagged before :D

Anonymous said...

I dont think you're shy because you're quiet.. you can be quite talkative at times, too ;D
But I think reserve and shyness have a lot in common which is the reason why I can conclude that you are -at some degree- indeed a lil shy hahaha^^

I know good places and cities where you can sing in front of others. I can remember these ppl lovin to hear you sing - me included ;)

Someday I'll make you eat snails mahaha xD

Anonymous said...

I take to Nesli as well =]
Soccer Midfielder.. thats the same position as me ^___^

Rosanna said...

ooh! thanks for the tag!!!! i'll do this once i get over the final week of school :)

~ Rosanna

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