Feb 15, 2009

I won't eat any cereal that doesn't turn the milk purple

The silken blouse is my recent vintage-find. I love the discreet colors. I can't wait to combine the blouse with every single blazer I have. ^^


Anonymous said...

i love discreet colors too! and i love so much your blazer!

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Very cool jewellery.

Nemerae said...

Love all your jewellery!! *.* and nice purple :)

Big Dadddy said...

Love that blouse, looks like the perfect light colors.

Ps. What nail polish is that? Looks subtle yet still purple, haha.

olga d said...

i really love the idea of combining charms with leather straps. makes for a great bracelet. i shall try that one myself.

Jessica said...

I love the bracelets!! Your nails look great...love the color!!

Shini said...

you guys have the best nail colours! heh love your jewellery, so classy - perfect for your new silk shirt!

Annie said...

I really love your blog!
and the clothes!

I always say that! Because it's the true

Kisses, Annie

Goldie Locks said...

I love the bracelet!

Jenny Cindy said...

What a beautiful blouse!

kaitlyn said...

i love the wrap bracelet!

Lesley said...

a) Love the blazer.
b) Love the bracelet.
c) Love the nailpolish.

Great look! :-)

Anonymous said...

What cereal do you eat that turns the milk to purple?

I'm not sure if Lucky Charms turns mine into purple... I always remembered it to be a weird green. Or maybe I'm wrong.

Emz said...

i love the color of your nails =)

Anonymous said...

The silk blouse is lovely, it looks really nice with the blazer :) I love the purple nail's color ..

Styleseeking Zurich said...


@big daddy: at a hint from nesli i tried to mix the color.
i mixed dark violet with white.. : )

@patricia ann:
it's only a funny title - a quote.
i just thought about how nice it would be if the milk turns purple like my nail polish ; )


Anonymous said...

I recommend Kellogg's Fruity Loops.. or som like that xD

I like the first pic ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the nailpolish girl!! :)

May Kasahara said...

I love the blouse + your nails + your bracelets. ok I love EVERYTHING.

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