Feb 23, 2009

I hear sound, I see fury

She lives by disillusions glow
We go where the wild blood flows
On our bodies, we share the same scar

How do you love on a night without feelings?
She says "love, I hear sound, I see fury"
She says "love's not a hostile condition"

Love me, wherever you are...

Top & skirt: H&M
Bangle & necklace: Avant Premiere
Small ring: Bijou Brigitte
Large ring: from a shop in Turkey
Vintage purse: Hägeli Lederwaren Luzern



Lesley said...

Love the rings+nailpolish+necklace+champagne!


Anonymous said...

i love your makeup in your eyes!
and your clothes... PERFECT as always!:)
kisses gorgeous:)

Mette said...

Love it!

Behind The Seams said...

that ring! love it

Anonymous said...

I like it.

Emily said...

Ooohhh lovely lovely photos! The rings and bracelet are fantastic! Love your blog =)

The Frocker said...

We have the exact same computer! How funny is that?

olga d said...

fabulous accessories.

I'm Addicted To Fashion ♥ said...

tolle bilder !!!

Vertiginoso said...

Your sulfurous RED nail polish subtly instil a Classical "Femme Fatale" touch on your Roaring "Party Girl-esque" presence !!!

Big Dadddy said...

How glamorous, looks fun!!

May Kasahara said...

oh man - so sultry gorgeous.

Nil said...

you look so hot Nesli! You are such a beautiful girl

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