Feb 28, 2009

Round my hometown memories are fresh

"We aint't lost, just wandering..."

I spent sunny Saturday afternoon shopping, eating yummy Italian food and catching up over a cup of coffee with my gorgeous cousin Merve.

Blazer: Lefties
Blue shirt: Pilot, from Portobello Road Market
Stud Bracelet: Tally Weijl
Sunglasses: thrifted

Saturday's Inspiration

Lara Stone for Zara
Seriously, I need a bf blazer and a white sheer silken blouse!

Bora Aksu Fall 09

The new collection from the London-based Turkish designer Bora Aksu. Those midnight blue dresses and tights are beyond amazing in my opinion.

Watch this video to see the show, hear what inspired the designer and what he thinks about fair trade fashion.

Source: Zimbio via House of Style

Feb 27, 2009

Cross the line

All the thoughts rage through my head
Things that I’ve done and things I’ve said
There’ll be no starting over.

Oh, it’s time for letting go
When I cross the line...

Bag: Essentiel
Scarf: Avant Premiere
Belt: Bershka

Feb 26, 2009


Source: We heart it

Things to do at boring lectures

#1: Simply slip out.

#2: "Study" flyers for start of term parties.

#3: Take a picture of sneakers that can't hide their love for each other.

#4: Paint your nails Tallulah style. :)

Nail polishes: Jeans collection, Mavala (a gift from our friend Vanessa)

Feb 25, 2009

The space between what's wrong and right is where you'll find me hiding, waiting for you

It was a sunny day. So I grabbed the chance to wear my parka from h&m. ^^

Feb 24, 2009

Tuesday's Model Inspiration

Catherine McNeil

Irina Kulikova

Natasha Poly

Photographer: Craig Arend/ AltaMira NYC

Source: Teen Vogue

Feb 23, 2009

I hear sound, I see fury

She lives by disillusions glow
We go where the wild blood flows
On our bodies, we share the same scar

How do you love on a night without feelings?
She says "love, I hear sound, I see fury"
She says "love's not a hostile condition"

Love me, wherever you are...

Top & skirt: H&M
Bangle & necklace: Avant Premiere
Small ring: Bijou Brigitte
Large ring: from a shop in Turkey
Vintage purse: Hägeli Lederwaren Luzern


Feb 22, 2009

Where were you last night?


Feb 20, 2009

Friday's Inspiration

Maryna Linchuk <3
Source: lovebot.tumblr, jak & jil

Feb 18, 2009

The zipper dress

I wore this dress to a party last weekend, but without the turtleneck. Since we couldn't take any decent pictures there, I decided to wear it again.

The last shot was inspired from the Yves Saint Laurent Pre Fall 09 collection. I think this dress is very versatile, it can be styled as a party outfit with ripped tights, fierce nail polish and lots of accessories but also elegant, as seen below.

Zipper dress: Zara

Source: Style.com

Feb 17, 2009

William Rast Fall 09

Mostly I find myself drawn to beautiful (evening dresses) from the collections that were shown during Fashion Week in New York but Justin Timberlake's label William Rast showed looks that are truly wearble off the runway.

The collection consists mostly of denim, fringe boots both for women and men and lots of leather, plaid, grey and black. It's nothing new obviously but this is more the kind of styling I can relate to in winter. Not that the Marc Jacobs fall 09 collection wasn't interesting, I can certainly combine neon colours with black but the monster shoulders just didn't do it for me...

Source: Style.com

Feb 16, 2009

Hérve Léger by Max Azria Fall 09

It's very unlikely that I would wear short dresses without tights in fall but these dresses are too pretty not to share. Some of the creations look very similar to Christoph Decarnin's last two Balmain collections, who also sent his models bare-legged to the runway wearing crystal-embroidered dresses with sharp shoulders.

There are lots of other pretty (bandage) dresses from this collection, but the ones above are my favourite. Oh how I'd love to have one of them...

Source: Style.com

Shipley & Halmos Fall 09

The collection may not be very innovative but I still like these looks a lot. Dark colours are my favourite for fall/ winter anyway and the different fabrics paired with delicate chains look really nice. Wearing turtlenecks under dresses makes them more daytime-appropriate I think and is something I should do more often. Hopefully I'll find a leather skirt or dress soon since I wanted this for quite some time now...

Source: Style.com

Feb 15, 2009

Tagged plus Blog Award

We feel flattered to do this post..
We received the so-called I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD from these lovely ladies:

Thank you so much for this honor!

Personally we want to give the awards to those seven bloggers who went along with us for a longer time (and left many sweet comments).

So.. the awards go to:

We got tagged by the stylish Extra Skinny to list 10 facts about us. We thought we'd split it in half.

5 facts about Mi-Ji:

  • I'm rather quite than talkative. Some people interpret this attribute as shyness, but that's not correct. I'm just a good listener and an acute observer.
  • Although I'm pretty reserved I love to sing. It's actually an old passion of mine. Unfortunately there aren't lots of occasions to sing in front of others. Oh but every sunday I sing in our church choir. I know.. It's not rnb ^^
  • You have no idea how much I disrelish snails. When I see one then I need a few minutes to recover. I can't face it.
  • Hey but I eat at a snail's pace ^^ I'm slow even at McDonald's.
  • Everybody thinks I'm balanced. I might appear like that, but I'm not.

5 facts about Nesli:

  • I used to play soccer for three years and was a midfielder, to be exact. I loved walking to the field with my soccer shoes. Obviously that was long before I discovered high heels.
  • I hate stuffed animals. Never ever give me a stuffed animal as a gift.
  • I can't stick with a perfume for a long time and like to wear a different one every day. But I prefer it when people I love have the same smell forever. I'm very contradictory, I know...
  • Unlike Mi-Ji I can't sing, but I can rap in Turkish! Not many people got the privilege to hear me, though. :)
  • "I think I'm single because I sleep diagonally. Ain't nobody gonna put up with that shit." Bad Idea Jeans
It's part of the game to tag 10 other bloggers to list 10 things about themselves. We'd like to know more about...:


I won't eat any cereal that doesn't turn the milk purple

The silken blouse is my recent vintage-find. I love the discreet colors. I can't wait to combine the blouse with every single blazer I have. ^^

Feb 13, 2009

Your memory of me is gonna last as long as the early meltin' February snow

Bag: Essentiel
Ring: Bijou Brigitte
Shorts: H&M
Necklaces: H&M and Pieces
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