Jan 20, 2009

Wednesday's Inspiration

Beautiful May Kasahara (Mayk all day every day) was shot by Altamira and the result is just PERFECTION. I've always loved street photography where you can see many more details in the background than the photographer noticed in the first place. I could look forever at those kind of pictures, finding a new detail and getting all excited about this.

Anyways, this one is not about New York, the focus is on May's simple but stunning outfit on a rainy day. I somehow get energy from the yellow cabs and imagine how great it must be to live in such a big city...


Jenny said...

love how the street glistens. gorgeous photo indeed. :):)

Natalie said...

She looks stunning. What a great photo.

x Natalie

cleo said...

i love her jacket and bag so much:)
and thanks nesli for your comment i would give anything to look like erin a little:)thanks!!!

Song of Style said...

this is TOO perfect

... said...

Nice rainy Shot !

Fred the Mole

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