Jan 30, 2009

Vogue outside and vague on the inside

At the beginning of our blog I posted about these platform gladiator heels I finally bought at the sales. They are the highest shoes I have now with 12 cm heels (I think that's about 4.7 inches). Walking is pretty comfortable, though...

I made the grey nail polish myself, mixing black and white. I often create shades by myself because it's a cheap way to try different things. :)

We didn't post many pictures of ourselves recently but want to do this more often.
Hope you enjoy it!

Blazer & bag: vintage
Platform gladiator heels: Zara


h said...

neslihan süper görünüyosun bayıldım özellikle eldivenler harika!!

Anonymous said...

Ö i love your outif! and your bag.... it's identical chanel 2.55!!
kisses pretty

May Kasahara said...

that is probably the most perfect nail color on the most perfect nails I have EVER seen.



IT ♥


I love your shoes, your nail polish and the magazine! =]

thanks for the comments <3


Shini said...

Oh my, what a good idea to share posting costs :P I need to make more friends....heh. I love the colour of your nailpolish, that's unique, I've never tried MAKING nail polish! (Or is it just me, and everyone's doing it?) definitely should now. Really like those gloves with the outfit!

Kirsten said...

WOW! I really loooove that color nail polish!!

Ayana Campbell said...

love those shoes

Jordan said...

i made gray nailpolish last week too! except i always pick it all off within a couple days. GREAT heels!

yasemin said...

The heels look so cool but I can't walk on them:(

Anonymous said...

I have those heels, and I agree, the padding or whatever it is makes them so comfy to walk on, you can almost forget they're that tall.
Love the chanel.

Jenny Cindy said...

Ich habe das Vorgängermodell dieser Zara Gradiatoren Heels. Ebenfalls beim Sale ergattert ;) Manchmal ist es ganz schön praktisch, dass in Zürich die etwas "spezielleren" Dinge nicht so gut verkauft werden, hab schon so manches im Ausverkauf gesehn was in anderen Ländern binnen weniger Tage ausverkauft war.
Die Schuhe stehen dir super und werten jedes Outfit auf.

Die Vogue Paris hab ich mir gestern auch gerade gekauft -> Lara <3! Sehr schöne Ausgabe mit wunderschönen Bildern!

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