Jan 9, 2009


Sophomore Fall 08 collection
Model: Jen Brill
Photography by: Cass Bird

Source: Sophomore


Maren said...

Love it !

Maria C said...

Damn I <3 Sophomore.. Jen Brill was a good choice for their look book..

Thanks so much for the sweet comment :)
Hedi is my idol when it comes to b&w photographs. I wish i would meet with him so i can pick his brain!

The bf is actually in your neck of the woods, he is in Switzerland for a couple of days... i am so jealous :(

tresa said...

Hmm.. I think it did.. I saw ur comment about that however! ^^,

I love the skirt!!

tresa said...

Ups, sorry! I saw it all ^^ my bad!

Thank you:) It meant alot, really!
Oh, I have considered writing in English, on my blog! But I think chictopia.com is good enough, dont you think^^.

Nike said...

i love it! especially the zipper skirt, been lookin for one like that for ages!

Jordan said...

woooah i love her!
i think i want to be her

Style Magnet; Sara said...

Yum yum yum yum yum!

Lesley said...

I love her.


Jen is one of my new favorites lately.

Ambroisine said...

Great pictures, the model is so beautiful!
Love the third picture, this blue dress is awesome !

Amplified said...

Can i have all of those outfits please? i <3 your blog...

Cheers from Singapore

Anonymous said...

she reminds me of Michelle Branch. Just a bit.

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