Jan 25, 2009

Monday's Inspiration

Czech model Hana Soukupova wearing her open toe patent leather ankle boots more than once. I love how she dressed them up or down.

Recently I saw a pair at Zara but didn't buy them because I think they're impractical. You can't wear them when it's cold or rainy without tights and I personally think that they look better with more skin shown. You see how I try to be sensible about yet another shoe purchase?! We'll see if I can resist temptation or get me a pair of these HOT booties!

Pictures: The Fashion Spot


May Kasahara said...

I love seeing models/celebs wear stuff more than once. ♥

even though mags like to jump all over them and criticize for repeat wearings.

Song of Style said...

i heart hana's shoes. but ofcourse, her long lean legs complement them very well

Anonymous said...

beautiful. I have such cravings for those incredibly long legs. :D

Susanna-Cole King said...

Oh Hana really has gorgeous style! And I like what the other girl is wearing in the first photo, as well! ;)

Thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement! <3


Nil said...

I love the other girl's shoes in the first photo too :)

Unknown said...


IT is not a song Its a poem i wrote! :)

Thank you for your comments you seem so lovely.

Anonymous said...

nice blog
xx kimandra

Natalie said...

ooh those are so nice. She's so tall and fashionable. I saw a pair like those at Nine West.

Btw I'd love to exchange links with you, I added you already!

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