Jan 17, 2009

I'll settle for a cup of coffee, but you know what I really need.

Bag and scarf: Essentiel
Patent ankle boots: Friis & Company
Ring: from a shop in Istanbul


Lesley said...

I love everything about the outfit!!! Especially that ring! :-)

The Frocker said...

What a lovely outfit! I especially like the boots -- mmm, patent leather!

P.S. Your hair looks so pretty!

Anonymous said...

you're so lovely- your outfit is amazing :)

ps- come check out our new january style spotlight!


Natalie said...

Nesli :)
I love the simplicity of your outfit! I really like your bag & the color of your scarf :)

I didnt know it snowed so much in Zurich! Well props to you for being so chic in the snow! I know how that feels

Anonymous said...

Hi from Paris !
Like especially low boots
We don't know what you really need ....

Fred the Mole

Easy fashion Paris

szczecin streetstyle said...

you look absolutely amazing!

this is the essence of vintage style for me. ohh... these rings :)

wait for more !!!


Nemerae said...

Nice outfit!! lovely hat, bag and necklace.. and great booties!


I love your ring. Great outfit!! I want to do the nail idea thing too. You're welcome. =]

ranzuki - [TrendFreeak] said...

I Love this boots! :D

Unknown said...

cute bag dear x] you are so adorable.

Nil said...

I love your style Nesli you look so beautiful :) Shoes and the bag aah heaven hahha! Btw your hair looks amazing

Arsheen said...

gorgeous jewelery!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Thanksy everyone for your lovely comments! The boots were a real bargain, but I literally had to fight for them since they were the last pair in my size... :)


May Kasahara said...

those boots are pure love.

Anonymous said...

I gotta ask. How do you keep your hair so unfrizzy and wavy? It looks gorgeous.

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