Jan 30, 2009


I have to admit that the Chanel powder doesn't belong to me..
It's Nesli's precious property ; ) She was in charge of the "prop" hehe
We both thought of taking more or less a similar picture like the one from Michael Oat..

Unlike the powder..the bags aren't Chanel..
But they look really lovely together, don't you think so?

Ok, enough confessions for today.. : )

(cardigan - zara, scarf - h&m, blazer - expressions)


Shini said...

You're doing chanel the right way! The stripes, classic black shapes and the bagg of course ;) Love your gold jewellery with preeetty nails!

... said...

Hi from Paris Zurich !
Chanel is sooo expensive ...
I like the way you do with little stories each time ...

Fred the Mole

Fruchtzwerg said...

Oh I love your outfit and we have the same wrap cardi only that mine is grey striped :)

Anonymous said...

I love the mix of pattern and the layering! I'd totally wear this!


Jordan said...

GREAT layering

LJ said...

lovely draping..
xx-LJ from SOS!

Charmaine Li said...

love the layering technique!

Anonymous said...

love the outfit.. love the blog.. but i secretly come here to see bits and pieces from switzerland .. maybe i ll move there next year! ...sigh...
i love the adorable quotes as well!

Mode Junkie said...

loving that drape cardi. you layer so perfectly, i am jealous. :)
hey wanna trade links?

Nemerae said...

Love oyur outfit! total black + stripes, cool :)
And the bags like those by Chanel.. *.* I have one very similar to the famous 2/55 too (the real is soo expensive :S), in white, it's soo nice haha
I also love the orange dress that the girl in my pic wears altough I usually hate orange lol
Have a nice weekend!

yasemin said...

I believe that the "chic" attitude comes from the inside, it's not about what you're wearing and you totally have the look on your face cause you look comfortable in every frame

Anonymous said...

Nesli! I love your photos! you and your friend are so beautiful, and i really like your clothes :)
i have seen you have l'ombre essentielle de CHANEL i have it too!
kisses! :*

Styleseeking Zurich said...


@Evi: thank you : ) I hope you can see at least that zurich is a beautiful place.. <3


Anonymous said...

thank you for responding to my comment! i have been to zurich more than once and i thought it was the most beautiful place i ve ever seen. i am seriously considering moving there and your blog gave me confidence that if i do, maybe i will meet people not much different than my self and hopefully make some new friends! (fingers crossed!)

paanie said...

great outfit! love the stripes.

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