Dec 8, 2008


When it comes to fragrances, I am not faithful. I like to switch between my favourites and new discoveries and use them according to my mood, what I'm wearing and where I'm going. I like how smells create nostalgic responses and take me to a particular place and time...

Mosty I am into oriental, woody and "heavy" scents but Bulgari Omnia Crystalline is not at all like that, and therefore a bit less "me". Despite being a musky, floral woody fragrance with bamboo and lotus blossom as ingredients, to me it's also light, crisp and aquatic. This makes it a perfect clean and tender fragrance for me which is having kind of a revival, hence the recent purchase of another bottle.

The design of the larger bottle is very jewel-like but the smaller, round-shaped one is also lovely. I thought I'd show you also some of my current favourite bracelets and necklaces. They are on heavy rotation these days as I like to add a personal and edgy touch to simple outfits.


Ida said...

Hi Nesli!
Is this the necklace you were talking about? It looks gorgeous. You said it's from Vero Moda? I work at Vero Moda here in Norway, but we don't have it... But I know that every Vero Moda store orders in different pieces, so I guess it's very different from country to country.
X Ida

Bella Harris said...

Yum. This is delicious!

Anonymous said...

i love your bracelets! definitely great accessories to toughen up any outfit! and the Bulgari scent sounds amazingg, I've never come across it, but now I definitely will next time I'm at sephora!

withasianstereotypes said...

the cuff and the bracelet are dead on brillaint. I adore the studs concept. All too perfect baby <3 Thank you for the post.

♥, China Le

vogue_wants_me said...

nice writting abt the perfume!
approve of the point of crisp and aquatic scent feel clean and fresh!

by the way,i m bethin @ chictopic,if u still remember =]

Fashion Is Poison said...

ahh so good!

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