Dec 4, 2008


J'adore Valentine Fillol Cordier... :)

Pictures: Peter Dekker Make-up & Hair


MDS* said...

Thank you, dear!
I will try to do my best and keep bloging once the baby is born.
Now I don't have much time, we are moving to a new home and there are lots of things to do!


Andy said...

Great great photos.
kind of inspiring!
i love the last photo!
new post on my blog, check it out.


Jenny Cindy said...

I NEED that crown head piece from the first picture.

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@ Jenny: It's from Sonia Rykiel... :)

Anonymous said...

thats crazy!
i was actually looking at Valentines old nylon photoshoot today and thinking how much i missed seeing her pictures, and then here it is! (:

lovee it. lovee her.

Bella Harris said...

So inspirational... so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

bitte, bitte fürs verlinke, ier hends verdient. ja, chan ich verstah... es isch wüki arschchalt, genau so wie bi mier in liverool, nur da laufet d mädels au na mitte december im monirock,ohni strümpf ume...
ja, d valentine isch toll. sie isch model uf de urbanoutfitters page gsi. dete het sie aber schrecklich usgseh.

hender sie scho mal ghört rede? jö ihre französischi accent isch very lovely.

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