Dec 7, 2008

My small jewelry collection

Here are some of my favorite rings, brooches, clips,
necklace and nail polish : )
The nail polish and the ring on the right (last picture) were a birthday gift from Nesli :D


Mega said...

Hey! I love your blog! o.o Thanks for reading mine and keep posting!

Anonymous said...

that pearl ring with the double band is to die for!
where from, if you don't mind?

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@Mega and Anonym: thank you so much for your comments :D
the pearl ring and the leaf brooch are from the flea market!

Renate said...

Love it!:D

Natalie said...

I love your nail polish colour!! What is it? I want some nude nails for my grad event. Hehe :)


Anonymous said...

How did you get som many beautiful rings?! Gosh! :)
hugs Be

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