Dec 7, 2008

Is it cloudy where you are tonight?

haha look at my "finger-post-it"!

Aren't they cute? : )
It is definitely more fun to study while pasting over
my books with these fingers ^^

(belt, bag, skirt - vintage, old beanie, shirt - h&m,
cardigan - mango, nail polish - manhattan lotus effect)


Jenny Cindy said...

Aww, diese Finger-It's sind ja total süss. Wo hast du die gefunden?

Rosanna said...

I love your sweater!!!

Bettina said...

I adore this outfit!! Especially the skirt and the cardigan! :)

coco said...

I love the chain bag and the hat. Great look.

lara said...

really cute and simple outfit.

Cindiddy said...

lvoe your outfit! and haha those finger its are soo cute!

Inez Madeleine said...

Love your outfit! Really nice :)

ley said...

aaaah, DAS sind die finger-post-its... love them :)

jaime said...

ahh you're such a gorgeous gorgeous lady!

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