Nov 29, 2008

Regarde, il gèle

Regarde, il gèle
Là sous mes yeux
Des stalactites de rêves
Trop vieux
Toutes ces promesses
Qui s’évaporent
Vers d’autres ciels
Vers d’autres ports

Fur cape and bag: Vintage
Plaid shirt: Angelo Litrico
Fringe boots: Bershka


Bella Harris said...

Loving this... and last photo is so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Love this blog! All your outfits are so chic and yet suitable enough to wear to school =). Loving all the bags too!!

Song of Style said...

u have an amazing style.
both of u!
love the fur the plaid and everythin else!

Jaime Jun said...

i LOVE your fur wrap!

MDS* said...

I love this one!!

Girl Next Blog said...

I love your outfit, it's so trendy and cute!
Really Lauren Conrad (she's awesome)


i love love love ur outfit and especially those fringe shoes. my new obssession is fringe this season!


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