Nov 16, 2008

The noise I hear

She's not the kind of girl
You hear about
She'll never want another
She'll never be without
She'll give you all the signs
She'll tell you everything
Then turn around and walk away

Blazer: Vintage
Sweater, bag, ankle boots: H&M
Trousers: Tally Weijl
Studded cuff: Claire's
Leather gloves: from a street market
Beanie: knitted by my mom



Bella Harris said...

I know I said this on chictopia, but let me reiterate... this is fantastic!!!!

Natalie said...

Aw thank you so much! Yeah we both can work on not going online too much then haha. Sigh, i guess it was fate that there was no size in those H&M boots for me...

love the neutral colour scheme of your outfit!

kirke said...

Love it!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

You look fantastic, very edgy. I really like the gloves.

Anabel said...

eeey there are my boots :D

MDS* said...

I have this tripped shirt


SOS! said...

gloves are so cute!

SOS! said...

gloves are soo cute!!

Trendy Gourmandise said...

like this outfit

Zanita said...

this is an excellent ensemble, i adore the beanie, very burberry last two seasons. Also you've accessorized so well! I cant wait to wear gloves, boots and scarves again.

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